Vietnam eVisa Frequently Asked Questions

Vietnam eVisa Frequently Asked Questions
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

I am completing my application online. What will I need to complete it?

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You will need the following to complete the Vietnam Visa Letter application online:

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Answer simple personal questions.

I need the Vietnam Visa Approval letter

The Vietnam Visa Approval Letter allows the traveler to get pre-approval for the Vietnam visa on arrival. Thats means that the approval letter (delivered via email) will be used by travelers to get a visa on arrival at the border once they arrive in Vietnam.

All travelers require this document in order to get the visa on arrival, if not a normal visa application has to be submitted at their nearest Vietnamese embassy.

I am a US citizen. How long can I stay in Vietnam?

US visitors can stay for a MAX of 90 days in Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. You can stay for 6 months if the purpose of the stay is to visit relatives. One year for business purposes.

Be sure to indicate the correct reason for travel when applying online...

Can anyone apply online?

Anyone can get the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter online. The document can be obtained online as fast as in 8 hours but we always suggest that people apply at least 24 hours in advance for this letter. This document must then be presented when boarding your flight and at the immigration office upon arrival.

I already get my Vietnam Pre-Approval Letter, what are the next requirements to enter Vietnam after that? what should I take with me on my trip?

You need to have the following documents with you entering Vietnam:

  • Entry permit form (Vietnam Pre-Approval Letter - apply here:
  • Two photos (4cmx6cm or 3cmx4cm)
  • Original passport
  • Visa fee

How does a Vietnam e-visa look like?

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How does a Vietnam Visa On Arrival look like?

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