Vietnam Visa for Canadian Passport Holders

Vietnam Visa for Canadian Passport Holders
iVisa | Updated on Mar 04, 2019

Vietnam’s tourism industry is growing rapidly, but most nationalities, including Canadians, need to purchase a visa before entering the nation. However, though visa stamps can only be bought from the airport when arriving by air, Canadian citizens must prepare some documents before traveling. Below, this article details the process of obtaining a Vietnam e-visa for Canadians traveling by air.

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Do Canadian Passport Holders Need a Visa to go to Vietnam?

Yes. Canadian citizens must obtain a visa to stay in Vietnam.

How Long can Canadian Citizens Stay in Vietnam?

The single-entry visa grants one stay of one or three months, and the multiple entry visa allows multiple stays within a period of three months.

Vietnam Visa for Canadian Citizens Fees and Costs

The Vietnam visa costs $25 and applications take three days to process. The stamp fee (payable upon arrival) costs $25 for a single entry or $50 for multiple entries.

Vietnam Visa for Canadian Citizens Requirements

Canadian citizens must obtain a visa approval letter before traveling to Vietnam to be able to buy a passport stamp at the airport. They also need a passport that’s valid for at least six months from the entry date with a minimum of two blank pages, as well as the stamp fee in full.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Vietnam Visa for Canadian Citizens?

The Vietnam visa approval letter takes three days to process at the standard cost, though you can pay extra to have your application processed the same day or even within four hours. Alternatively, you can make the application process simpler and more efficient by applying at

Vietnam Visa for Canadian Citizens Application Form

You can fill out an application form for the visa approval letter on the Vietnamese immigration website or at You’ll need to pay for your entry visa when you arrive at the airport. You will be denied entry if you fail to meet the requirements or neglect to obtain a Vietnam visa approval letter beforehand.

How to obtain a Vietnam Visa

The first step is to head to the Vietnamese immigration website and fill out the application form to purchase your visa approval letter. You then need to pay the service fee by credit or debit card to start the application process. Remember to fill out your form carefully because you won’t be issued with a stamp at the airport if there are any errors. To have your form checked and processed within three hours, you can apply for your visa approval letter at


Vietnam has relaxed its visa regulations in recent years, but visa refusals due to application errors aren’t uncommon. Plus, many travelers report that the Vietnamese immigration website is convoluted and the application process difficult. To increase your chances of success and make the application process simpler, you can follow in the footsteps of thousands of satisfied travelers by applying for your approval letter at, a company with a 9.5 ‘Excellent’ approval rating from over 1,800 reviews on

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