Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers

Vietnam Visa for Cruise Passengers

iVisa | Updated on Jan 03, 2022

Are you planning to visit Vietnam by cruise? If you are planning to do so, you need to know some important information about visa procedures for cruise passengers.


Firstly, the application fee for the visa depends on the cruise operator. It could be from USD 25.00 to 80.00. Your tour operator could inform you well because some tour operators calculate visa and service fees together.

You should keep your passport and visa when you are on land. If your cruise stops more than one time in Vietnam, you will get the entry visa from the first port. You will just need to show your passport and visa at the other ports if they are asked by officers. How is the Arrival Procedure?

Your tour operator provides you with an application form. You should fill it carefully. Be sure that all the information are correct. After that, you can submit your passport, form and pay the fee. The border officers will prepare your visa document as soon as possible.

What About the Departure Procedure?

When you complete your excursion in Vietnam, you must show your passport and visa to receive the confirmation of departure at the border to the officer again. Ports You Can Arrive:

  • Cai Lan Port (Quang Ninh)
  • Hanoi/Halong Bay Port
  • Da Nang/Hue/Chan May Port
  • Phu My Port (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Nha Trang Port

Additional Instruction

Visa On Arrival(VOA) is not available for arriving by cruise ships. VOA is just for passengers come by aeroplane to Vietnam. If you would like to leave the cruise and travel on land (visiting a few cities), also, if you are planning to catch your cruise at another port, for the visa issue, please check our website.

Immigration officers would issue a landing slip for visitors upon arrival at a fee of US$5 if they want to go ashore for sightseeing.

Questions and Answers

Q1) I will be on a cruise and stop at Phu My one day and Nha Trang the next day. Can I get a visa before I go?

A1) If you are arriving on a cruise ship, you are able to obtain a loose-leaf visa upon disembarking. However, if you want to apply for a visa before you go, we kindly advise that you should contact the embassy of Vietnam in your country.

Q2) We will be arriving at Ho Chi Minh City by cruise ship for one day. The next day we will arrive at Nha Trang for one day, also by a cruise ship. Do we need a one month - single entry, or a one month - multiple entry visas?

A2) You can get a loose-leaf visa at your first arrival port and you can also use it for next entry in second port. No multiple entries are required in this case.

Q3) If I arrive in Vietnam ports by cruise ship, will "visa on arrival (VOA)" be workable? Or it is only good at airports?

A3) Visa on arrival (VOA) is not available for arriving by cruise ships.

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