Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Passport Holders

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Passport Holders
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

New Zealand citizens hold one of the strongest passports in the world regarding the number or countries they can travel to without a visa, but they need to purchase a visa to enter Vietnam. If you plan to enter Vietnam through a land border and haven't planned your entry and exit dates, you need to buy a tourist visa at a Vietnamese embassy. However, you can quickly obtain a visa approval letter to purchase a visa on arrival if traveling by air. Below, this article details the process of getting a visa on arrival.



Do New Zealand Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to Vietnam?

All New Zealand passport holders need a visa to enter Vietnam.

How Long can New Zealand Citizens Stay in Vietnam?

New Zealand citizens can apply for a one or three-month tourist visa on arrival, or they can apply for the multiple entry visa which grants many stays within a three-month period. The visa starts from the day you enter Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens Fees and Costs

The single entry visa costs $25, and the multiple entry visa costs $50. However, you need to pay approximately $25 for a Visa approval letter before you travel, and credit card processing fees may apply. Alternatively, you can make the application process simpler and pay $30 using PayPal by applying at

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens Requirements

To get the visa on arrival, you need a passport with six month’s validity from the start of your trip with two blank pages. You also need to give the immigration officer two passport photos, your visa approval letter and the visa fee to purchase the visa on arrival at a Vietnamese airport.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens?

If you apply through the official Vietnamese government e-visa web portal, your visa will take three business days to process, though expect delays if you’re asked to amend errors or provide additional documents. iVisa can check and process your application in under three hours.

Vietnam Visa for New Zealand Citizens Application Form

You can find the application form on the Vietnamese government e-visa web portal, or you can fill out a simpler form at

How to obtain a Vietnam Visa

First, head to the Vietnamese e-visa web portal and find the form appropriate for your needs. After completing the form, you need to pay by credit card to commence processing. As long as there are no errors and you don’t need to provide additional documents, you should have your visa in under three business days. To escape the bureaucracy and increase the chances of success, you can apply in under five minutes at


Even though it's rare, some people have had to cancel their trip because they didn't get their approval letter on time. If you want your application checked and processed in under three hours, you should join thousands of happy travelers who've applied for their visa through iVisa, a visa service with a 9.5 ‘Excellent' rating on

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