Vietnam Visa from Ireland

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Your Irish passport allows a smooth entry to Vietnam as long as you have a Vietnam Visa. With this travel permit, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of Vietnam on a 30-day trip. You can easily get this through an online process that has available.

In this article, we’ll explain the online application process for the Vietnam Visa from Ireland. We’ll also give you some travel recommendations to enjoy the magic of Vietnam.

Check our FAQs to learn more about the Vietnam Visa from Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What restrictions due to COVID-19 should I know about before traveling to Vietnam?

Irish nationals arriving in Vietnam will need to present a negative PCR test result. It cannot be taken more than 72 hours prior. They also need to carry health insurance that covers COVID-19 infection.

Vietnam Visa from Ireland - Refer to our product page to find out the latest information on COVID-19 requirements that apply to you.

What is the Vietnam Visa and how do I apply for it?

Applying for a Vietnam Visa is very easy, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • First: Complete our online form using your personal information.
  • Second: Make sure everything is correct before picking a form of payment. We accept credit and debit cards.
  • Third: Upload all the required documents and apply.

Vietnam Visa from Ireland - The Vietnam Visa is valid for 30 days after arrival starting from your arrival in the country. It allows a Single Entry.

What are the necessary documents to apply for the Vietnam Visa?

You’ll need:

  • A scan of your passport’s information page. The document cannot be close to expiring.
  • Digital passport-sized photo.
  • Email address - To receive your visa once ready.
  • Payment method - We accept credit or debit cards.

Vietnam Visa from Ireland - Do you have everything to start your application process?

Cost and processing times for the Vietnam Visa?

To adjust to the needs of all our customers we offer three processing times and fees to get the Vietnam Visa:

  • Standard Processing: 8 Business Days for USD $56.49
  • Rush Processing: 7 Business Days for USD $88.99
  • Super Rush Processing: 5 Business Days for USD $117.99

Vietnam Visa from Ireland - Get your visa and travel to Vietnam soon!

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I still need to speak with someone, how can I contact one of your agents?

Our customer care agents are easily reachable through our website. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions about the Vietnam Visa from Ireland. Recommends

The idyllic city of Hoi An, though small, has all the elements for a magical holiday. It sits between two rivers which contribute to the abundance of rice paddies and organic vegetable gardens. There are also plenty of beaches and other natural spots to spend quiet days.

One of the best activities to enjoy the landscape is cycling. You can rent a bicycle from your hotel or local bike rental shop and go all the way from Ancient Town to Cam Thanh. The countryside is full of great views of the rivers and some charming duck ponds. If cycling is not your thing, you can go on a sidecar tour around the area. It's also a lot of fun!

For a more quiet experience, you can spend a day on Bang Beach, only 7 km from Ancient Town. White sand, emerald waters, and calm waves await you in this popular location. Enjoy your day relaxing on a sun lounger drinking coconut water or a cold beer. For lunch or dinner, stop by Soul Kitchen or the Hmong Sisters and enjoy a delicious seafood dish.

Finally, a visit to Hoi An is not complete without a sunset cruise on the Thu Bon River. You'll have to haggle your way onto the boat, but after a bit of back and forth, you'll be enjoying your way on the placid river.

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