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iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Of course, we all know that travel is among the best experiences in the world. However, the process of obtaining all of the necessary paperwork may seem daunting. For example - if you’re looking to acquire a visa, you may wonder about the process. There are many confusing ways of getting what you need from embassies –and some visa companies do better than others in cutting through the confusion and making the process as painless as possible. If you’re looking for a good visa service to help you accomplish that goal, then read on to find out more about some of the pros and cons of using iVisa versus using as your visa service.

Customer Service

Visa services are supposed to make the visa application process much easier, but they don’t always do so. Many times, questions arise, and if you have a question, you need to be able to get it answered without a hassle.

In a review on Tripadvisor, someone in Singapore said that had sent him a letter “and it had five other people on the letter.” In the same thread, Truschki expressed concern about the lack of personalized service as follows: “Hey I have just received my letter after calling them and asking for it. I am not happy about our personal details being shared with the other people on the letter. I am still unsure if this letter will allow us into the country!”

However, iVisa gets very high scores for customer service, especially from users of Yelp and Trustpilot. Many users say that the staff at iVisa is “friendly, polite, and professional”, and they are also reported to “respond to questions with grace and ease”. iVisa has been reported as “self-explanatory and straightforward”, in contrast to This makes a huge difference when looking for a visa, and you can trust that iVisa will get your visa to you.

Efficiency of Service

Many times, travelers want to use a visa service when they are running late at getting a visa from their embassy. So, because of this, any visa service needs, to be honest about the time it will take to receive a visa, and they also need to be able to promise that results will be fast.

According to more than one person on online websites that reviewed them, takes longer than the promised 48 hours to send out their visas. Many people on the websites were concerned that they were a false site and that they were using a government site’s name without being a “real” website for visas. However, one person did say that she received her letter from them after sending off for it.

As for iVisa, it has received excellent marks for service and efficiency. In many cases, iVisa has exceeded its user’s expectations of what it should do. One person said that he selected the “4-day option” and still received the visa overnight, and others have said that they received “fast and efficient service.” There were a few who didn’t get the best service, but this was, ultimately, rare. Lucky for them, it seems that iVisa is rarely inefficient, so it wins in this regard.


It is very important that visa services are upfront about the prices they will charge. Because it is a competitive industry, the companies helping you obtain your visa need to make sure their prices are appropriate.

If you’re looking for iVisa’s contribution in this respect, you’ll find their fee info on the second page of their application process, and this information also includes requirements and processing time. Most of the clients I saw who reviewed iVisa said that their prices are good, too. One reviewer said that they are quick, simple, and reasonably priced, all things that make us think that iVisa is worth it. With, however, you don’t get all the information up front. They have a website that doesn’t look like a legitimate one, and, if that is of concern to you, you should probably avoid using them. If the website looks disjointed, why should your trust them with your money? Again iVisa seems to be the best bet to make sure you get the right visa for the right price.

Ease of Use

Many people use visa services to make sure they can avoid the bureaucratic process. This means that any visa service needs to make sure they are practical and very straightforward about what they are giving you.

As far as, many customers suspect them of being a fake website. This makes sense because they appear to use a government handle (govt) but have no real ties to any governmental agency, but their website layout is also not conducive to building confidence.

On the other hand, iVisa gets very high scores for a modern, attractive, intuitive website. According to one user, the website is easy to use, and the web chat is helpful. He said he would pay for the service again if needed, for it made his experience with the visa process very convenient. A few people reported that they had glitches, but iVisa made all the issues go away, and they also responded to people who had issues with their site. summary

This site has an array of problems: first, it doesn’t really function well, and it gives the appearance of not being a real website (but a fake “government” handle). Second, it has sent out application materials and then not responded in time to the applications that it received. So, it has some problems, and cannot be recommended. TrustPilot does not show any active reviews for this which also gives the potential user an idea of its overall level of use. Less well known does not have to mean less functional, but it this case, it appears there is some truth to that assumption.

According to many, iVisa is great, and they offer excellent service. They are also very user-friendly, efficient, and inexpensive, and you can find them online easily. Apparently, it’s rare for there to be complaints about them, and their customer service scores excellently. iVisa’s current average score out of 1822 reviews on TrustPilot is 9.5/10, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way about using them. Just go to iVisa, the clear winner of the visa contest here. Then, click on the button labeled ‘Visa Application,’ and from there you can enter where you’re going and where you’re from, and you’ll see the requirements for your visa next to their processing fee and time.

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