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Content updated, April 2023

Get Your Australia ETA (Subclass 601) Online Now

Australia has been open for international travel since February 21, 2022. If you're planning to travel to Australia, you should know that you'll need to get an Australian travel visa to enter the country. The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA, a type of Australia Visa) is available to some nationalities and should be obtained before your trip.

This country is a top destination worldwide and whether you want to visit for tourism or business purposes, this is the right visa for you. Once you learn how to get your Electronic Travel Authority to enter Australia, you'll be all set to enjoy the country's top attractions.

In this article, we will share with you up-to-date information about the visa requirements and the step-by-step process you'll need to follow to complete your Australian visa application.

What is the Australia ETA (Subclass 601)?

An Australian Visa or Australia ETA, also known as the Australia tourist visa to many, is a travel document, part of the Australian entry requirements process, and grants entry to passport holders of selected countries.

Visitors can travel to Australia for tourism or business purposes with this document. Your ETA does not authorize you to live permanently or work in Australia. It is intended only for short-term business or tourism stays.

The application process is done fully online, and Australia's Department of Home Affairs processes the document.

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You can apply for this Electronic Authorization online with iVisa. Forget about going to the embassy to submit your documents! iVisa has you covered since our service offers you professional assistance to help you succeed in your application.

This visa application process may have some different steps and it can be confusing if you do it alone, but don’t worry, iVisa is here to make it simple and stress-free. We do all the hard work for you!

Australia ETA Requirements

Getting the Electronic Travel Authority is easier than you might think. You can complete the application process from your home or office and go ahead with your travel plans as soon as you are ready.

The only requirement for the Australia ETA is having a valid passport from one of the current ETA eligible-passport holders list you'll find below.

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Who can apply for an Australia ETA?

Only citizens from 7 eligible countries can visit Australia with this electronic authorization.

  • The eligible countries are: the United States, Canada, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

However, being on the list does not guarantee that you can get a visa. Due to strict travel restrictions, you might not be able to apply for an ETA at the moment. We recommend you use our Visa Checker Tool at the top of this page, to see the current application status for citizens of your country.

In some circumstances, there are additional restrictions for travelers planning to visit Australia for tourism or business. For example, visitors cannot have any criminal convictions to be eligible for an ETA.

Also, the ETA cannot be used to get medical treatment in Australia. In both cases, you'll need to apply for a different Australia visa (a Visitor - Subclass 600 visa). If these restrictions apply to you, you'll need to contact the Australian embassy or consulate near you to get the right visa for your travel plans.

But in most cases, you can apply for your Australia ETA through our website. Visiting an embassy or consulate is unnecessary to get this travel permit.

If you hold more than one passport, you must declare it at the time of your application. And, if one of those passports is an Australian passport, you don't need to apply for this document to travel to Australia.

Remember that the Australia ETA is only valid for international travel in Australia, for tourism, or for business purposes.

When should I apply for my Australian visa?

Getting your visa can take up to 2 days, which means you should give the application process a day to be completed. That being said, for travelers who are in a rush, we offer processing speeds that are as fast as 12 hours.

Visitors are not allowed to apply for their ETA from Australia. So you will need to complete your application from your country of origin.

In case your visa expires while you're in Australia, you would have to leave the country and apply for a new ETA before returning. You can also contact the immigration office to explore other visa types that might fit your individual circumstances.

We do not recommend staying in Australia beyond your visa validity period, as it might result in fines or future travel restrictions.

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How long does the Australian ETA last?

Once you get your Electronic Travel Authority granted, you'll be able to see the validity period on your Australia travel visa. This expiration date will either be 1 year after issued, or the expiration date of your passport, whichever is earliest.

For example, if your ETA is approved in June 2023, but your passport expires in February 2024, your ETA won't last for a year. It will expire in February 2024, on the same date as your passport.

After your passport or visa expires, you can apply for an ETA again.

How many times can I enter Australia with this document?

Your valid Australian ETA allows for Multiple Entry. You can visit the country as many times as you like, within the timeframe stated on the document. The only thing you need to consider is that each stay cannot be over 90 days Per Entry.

Please note that if you're transiting through Australia for less than 8 hours and you remain in the transit area, you don't have to apply for an ETA. However, there are some passport holders that must get a transit visa. We recommend checking the website of your local Australian embassy or consulate to find out more about this visa.

What documents do I need to apply online for the Australian Visa?

The Australian government requires you to have:

  • Your valid passport to be able to apply for this electronic visa. It cannot be expired or in poor condition. It should also have blank pages available for every entry into Australia.

  • Your credit or debit card or Paypal to pay the fee.

  • Your valid email address to receive your document.

With this document handy, you'll be able to complete the online application form. If you want to learn more about the additional documents you can submit to have a smoother application read the FAQs below.

This ETA is not stamped on your passport but is electronically linked to it.

Apply with iVisa

How to complete the Australian ETA application using iVisa services?

It's quite easy. The whole process takes 15 minutes or less, in just 3 steps:

  • First, you'll need to fill out an online form with your personal information. The information needs to be exactly as it is stated on your passport. Otherwise, you might risk your visa being rejected.
  • Second, we'll ask you to double-check the information to make sure there are no errors. That way we can ensure the fastest service. If everything looks good, you move forward to selecting how soon you want to receive your visa.
  • Third, you pay for our visa services with your debit or credit card.

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your application process and your interview if needed, as well as the rest of the required documents. Don’t forget that you will have an expert by your side to guide you!

Once your visa is approved, we will send it to you via email. You'll be able to use this visa to travel to Australia temporarily, whether for tourism or business purposes.

At iVisa, you will only have to answer a 50% shorter form with clear questions. It will be like filling out a short survey.

In addition to that, in our platform, you can fill out the form at your own pace, make changes whenever you want, and save your progress, so you do not have to start from scratch, unlike the embassy website which cuts you off from their website every time you take a break.

Pretty easy right? Apply now!

Do children also need to complete the Australian ETA application?

Yes, all passport holders, regardless of their age, will need to apply for a valid visa to travel to Australia.

If you use our visa services, you can include all your family members in the same application. We will process all the visas separately and you'll receive one PDF document for each traveler.

We recommend that you print the visas before your trip to Australia.

What's the cost of the Australia ETA and how long does it take to process it?

The price of your visa will depend on how fast you want to get it:

  • Standard processing time is 2 days and it costs USD $81.99.
  • Rush processing time of 24 hours which costs USD $133.99.
  • Super rush processing of 12 hours for USD $196.99.

Note: These prices are the ones corresponding to US nationals and can vary depending on the nationality of the applicant.

All our service prices include the Australian government fee of USD $20.00.

It is recommended to apply for this ETA 4 weeks in advance since you could be asked for extra documents. Usually, processing a visa by yourself make the process longer and harder, becoming time-consuming.

iVisa values how precious time is to you since there is no price for it. With us, you will take much less time to get your visa. We do all the hard work for you!

Apply now!

Australia COVID-19 Entry Requirements

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination passports or certificates are no longer mandatory to enter Australia. Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Australia travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

COVID-19 Test

Currently, there are no requirements for COVID-19 test in Australia.


  • Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements in Australia.

It's not necessary for incoming travelers to carry health insurance but it is recommended.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

For any visa Australia questions or additional information, you can contact our customer support agents. They are available 24/7 to answer any inquiries you might have about your visa to Australia and any other services we provide. If you apply with us, they will also be able to provide updates on the status of your visa application.

Required Documents to Apply
  • Applicant's Photo

  • Passport Scan

Important Instructions
  • The Australian ETA visa is a Multiple Entry visa with a validity period of 1 year after issued, allowing a maximum stay of 90 days Per Entry.

  • You can stay in Australia beyond your visa's validity date, but not beyond the 90 days Per Entry

  • Your ETA does not allow you to work within Australia: it is intended only for business and tourist activities.

  • People with dual nationality should choose the nationality according to the passport to be used for travel.

  • Your passport must be valid (not expired) when you board your flight and when you enter Australia. It must be an ordinary/regular passport.

  • Your ETA visa is an eVisa, so its electronically linked to your passport number.

  • The ETA visa is valid through to the expiration date listed on it, which is the last day you have the authority to enter Australia.

  • This expiration date of the Australian ETA will be either 1 year after issued, the expiration of your passport, or earlier if a current visa already exists in the immigration system. For example, if your ETA approval is in June 2018, but your passport expiration is in February 2019, your ETA will expire on the same date of your passport; otherwise it will expire in June 2019.

  • This visa allows you to stay for a maximum of 90 days Per Entry.

  • If you obtain a new passport for any reason, you will need to re-apply to get a new Australian ETA.

  • You don’t need this visa to transit through Australia for less than 8 hours if you remain in the transit area.

  • Children need to apply for the Australia ETA.

  • There are no longer COVID-19 requirements to enter Australia.

  • We advise you to get a vaccination against yellow fever.

  • iVisa is a legitimate company, accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Please visit the FAQs below to learn more about the Australia ETA.

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You should contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Our visa experts are available 24/7, and they will be happy to help you resolve the problem.
No, the Australia ETA allows travel for tourism and business purposes for up to three months at a time. This visa doesn’t permit you to work in any activity.

iVisa reviews your documents and assists you during the application process to avoid rejection. However, if the Australian government rejects or cancels your application, you are eligible for a full refund of the iVisa processing fee related to the number of rejected applicants. Other than that, we do not refund the government fees.

You may consider re-applying for the Australia ETA, depending on the reasons for cancellation or rejection.

In this case, you need a new passport and a new ETA as well. The ETA is linked to the passport, so the travel authorization in a previous passport can no longer be used once a new passport has been issued.

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