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550kazakhan.kz History

550kazakhan.kz History
iVisa | Updated on May 30, 2019

Kazakhstan Khanate 550th Anniversary

The website began in March of 2015 as a dedication to and informational portal for the 550th anniversary of the Kazakhstan Khanate, or political entity. Updated news scrolled along the front page.

History of the Kazakh Khanate, the story of the Kazakh Khans, fields, stop cases, and books were listed on the Kazakh Khanate page. The History page expands on how the Khanate was established, the socio-economic and political activities of the Khanate in the 17th- to 18th centuries, 19th-century history, political history, how the Kazakh Khanate was created, Abelpayiz Sultanships, Zhangir Khan, Judicial institutions and proceedings of Kazakhstan, and agricultural information in South Kazakhstan.

Any news surrounding the celebration and remembrance had a section on the site. One such article was about how the Museum of the First President was funded. Another discussed how movies and films surrounding the 550th anniversary were progressing. Any time an organization or individual did something of significance surrounding the anniversary celebration, the site was updated with an article.

A chronicling of the Kazakh Khans in picture format was on the website.

Khanate Cultural and Historical Celebration

Artifacts of historical significance were featured on the website under “Fields.” Such artifacts included:

  1. Original flags
  2. Ornamentary art
  3. Battle pieces such as a 17th century helmet
  4. Daily living pieces like spoons, sugar clamps, and jars

Published material that concerned the history of the founding of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Khanate included the History of Az-Zhanibek, Seven “Seven Charter” Facts, Seven Dangers information, information on scientific meetings in Beijing, and political history of Urus Khan.

These were all on display at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan to show the spiritual and material culture of Kazakhstan throughout the 15th to 18th centuries.

There was a Filmmakers section which displayed multiple film projects surrounding the history of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs. Such films included:

  • Animation piece on Kazakh Eli
  • A documentary on the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate
  • A dramatic history of Kazakh Eli’s reign

Any videos concerning the history of the Khanate, its founding, or the influence it had on Kazakhstan were embedded in the site from YouTube. Their Facebook page was linked at the bottom.

Kazakh Khanate Political History and Anniversary Setup

The Independence section covered the biography and information on the First President and the independence of Kazakhstan.

Action plans for codifying and carrying out the goals of the anniversary board displayed on the site including recognition of the preparation and implementation of the anniversary ideas and celebrations and the creation of the Republican Commission to carry out these ideas.

Partners to the mission included:

  • Mikhay Darhan Kamzabekovich
  • Tabul’s Gyzat Zholdagarovich
  • Abzhanov Hanbek Makhmutovich
  • Atyakeev Nurlan Adilbekovich.

There was a link provided to take visitors to the Cultural Heritage website of Kazakhstan where President Nursultan Nazarbayev began an exploration and promotion of Kazakh heritage throughout physical programs like architecture and more intellectual programs including historical documents, literature, and research and achievements.

The domain lasted until the end of 2016 as a memorial to the 550th anniversary.

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