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Allergyawarekitchen.co.uk Domain History

Allergyawarekitchen.co.uk Domain History
iVisa | Updated on Oct 03, 2022

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About allergyawarekitchen.co.uk

Allergyawarekitchen.co.uk was a website that targeted foodservice organizations. Allergy Aware Kitchen is a company founded by Liz Allen, whose purpose was to educate people in foodservice on how to deal with allergic customers and how to cook food avoiding allergens.

The website provided a ton of information about the company, the services Allergy Aware Kitchen provided, as well as laws and regulations on food allergens. As a food service organization, you would find this website as an incredible source of valuable information.

First of all, the website provided information on training courses. The training session would last about 4.5 hours, and the trainee would learn the following:

  • A solid grasp of what food allergies are and how to tell them apart from food intolerances and Coeliac disease

  • A better understanding of anaphylaxis was also provided.

  • Information on how to prevent allergen cross-contamination – for instance, a highly allergic person would have an attack if the knife used to cut their food touched a food item that contained the allergen responsible for the attack.

  • Guides and information that help the entire organization to comply with the food allergen law

  • Control measures implementation

  • How to audit the kitchen storage facility

  • Learning assessment

The information above was and still is considered highly valuable for foodservice organizations if they wanted to accommodate customers with allergies.

Allergyawarekitchen.co.uk also provided interested parties with information about allergen laws and regulations. In 2014, in the UK, there was a significant change in control regarding food allergens and how foodservice must deal with it. Allergyawarekitchen.co.uk was providing training in that regard.

If you wanted to sign up for a training session, you could access allergyawarekitchen.co.uk and find information about the upcoming events. If one was available, you could sign up online. The page also provided information about the when, where, and how much the course would cost.

Another valuable resource on allergyawarekitchen.co.uk was the Supplier Showcase. Basically, every month, the website would offer information about the best producers of certain products that were free from allergens. That was supposed to help you as a food organization to find the best allergen-free products on the market. Customer satisfaction was guaranteed. Not only would you have no issues in your food service business, but you would be kept ahead of the competition by offering the best ‘Free From’ has to offer.

Lastly, allergyawarekitchen.co.uk would have a page that included news related to the food industry and allergies. You would find news on new regulations, about prominent people in the industry, as well as simple informational pieces that would keep you up to date. A blog was also included on the website, and you could find information on various food-related topics.

Needless to say, allergyawarekitchen.co.uk had one purpose, and that was to educate foodservice organizations on food allergens. The training this company would offer would teach you about the do’s and don’ts so that you could accommodate customers who had food allergies.

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