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ann.lu Domain History

ann.lu Domain History
iVisa | Updated on Sep 15, 2019

ANN was a web chatboard that started in February 2006. It was created and owned and maintained by Christian Kemp. He did have some help from Christophe Decanini and Teemu I. Ylisela.

The website chatboard featured information about the following games:

  • Defender of the Crown
  • Defender of the Crown 2
  • Pulsator: Beneath a Steel Sky
  • Lure of the Temptress
  • Indigio

Therefore, users to the website could create a profile and chat on the internet about games with fellow players.

But it was not just limited to games. Also, when updated for computer hardware and software was made available or announced, the ANN Luxembourg users would post something on the forum.

So, for example, when CygnusEd was available for order from APC&TCP, someone posted about it with links on how to get support and how to order your copies.

Lastly, the types of posts available could be filtered for easier reading of newer information. These categories were: News, Motd, Files, Web, Rant, Events, Unmoderated, and Forum. Simply go to the “Add News Item” page and post what you find or hear rumours about.

ANN would receive a 10% commission if you hosted your website through their domain host, Dreamhost, but you had to click on that specific link.

ANN Rules

Transparency was key on the tech forum. You would be able to categorize your posts into News or Files and you would need a title, and a detailed post about the topic-at-hand. People would be able to see the time and date stamp of your post, your name, and comments. They also had the ability to comment on your posts as well.

You could grab the unique URL for each post by clicking on the “Link” button. To get to older posts, users could click on the sets of 10 at the top or one could search Ann.lu using the search engine on the front page.

Links to favorite websites for ANN users included:

  • amiga.org
  • amiga-news.de
  • Amiga University
  • Amiga World
  • AROS

The website was discontinued in April of 2019.

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