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Coca-Cola Blogger’s Network History - bloggersnetwork.org.rs

Coca-Cola Blogger’s Network History - bloggersnetwork.org.rs
iVisa | Updated on Mar 23, 2020

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This Serbian-based website was started in 2013 as a special project between Coca-Cola ad the Adria region. The website ran for a few years before shutting down.

Basic Information: Bloggers Network Adria

Adria is a region in modern Europe that includes Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia, all of which are former Yugoslav republics. The Bloggers Network Adria only consisted of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Macedonia.

The Adria project was one of many sponsored by Coca Cola Hellenic and Coca-Cola Co. They wanted to move online marketing and sales to regions of the world where online growth was becoming more popular generally.

Coca-Cola Bloggers Adria - Goals and Processes

The goal of the Bloggers Network Adria was to boost marketing efforts on blogs specifically in the Adria region. Due to trending marketing practices in the international world, Coca-Cola wanted to raise awareness of blogging in Serbia and other countries to open up channels for online sales to rise. So, when the chosen bloggers would blog about their ideas, Coca-Cola would advertise on their sites and help them to build a revenue stream from advertising dollars.

Through a series of websites prominent in the Adria region, Coca-Cola chose 9 passionate bloggers and organizations. These bloggers and organizations were given one year to blog about their ideas and companies.

Since it was fiscally sponsored by Coca-Cola, the bloggers that participated received 200 EUR except for the blogger(s) in Croatia who made 300 EUR. This was their monthly stipend.

To assess whether or not the bloggers were following the rules and contracts set forth, representatives of Coca-Cola would evaluate the blogs once every three months. If a blog was not living up to the standards listed, Coca-Cola would stop funding the blog and shift funds to a new blog.

The Topics for the Coca-Cola Bloggers Network Adria

The 9 sponsored bloggers for each year between 2013-2015 had to blog about one of the following topics:

  • Health & Wellness - This topic was broad but could include such activities as running, hiking, swimming, jogging, and sports. Also, anything related to eating healthier and living and healthier life was allowed.
  • Education & Youth Leadership - This topic focused on the current state of education and how to become a better student. Also, the bloggers would discuss many leadership topics and anything that could help youth in the region develop personal life skills such as personal financing and preparing for college.
  • Environmental Issues - Any blogger could also write about ways that Adria-region citizens could help with preserving the natural environment (not overdeveloping without good cause) and the sustainability of everyday life activities that may affect the life of the Earth.
  • Growing a Brand - Learning how to effectively market was another discussed topic and one that companies and bloggers could use the help with marketing campaigns and building a brand.

BloggersNetwork.Org - Improving the Competitive Blog Market in Serbia

While the Bloggers Network Adria was a success from 2013-2015, it is no longer an active program.

The remaining domain would be a wonderful traffic-driver for someone who likes blogs and corralling bloggers.

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