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DowntownAssociation.net Domain History

DowntownAssociation.net Domain History
iVisa | Updated on Mar 03, 2022

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About Downtownassociation.net

Downtownassociation.net is the website for a community-based organization created to serve the businesses, residents, and visitors to the downtown area of Ocean City, Maryland. The Association advocates and promotes programs that enhance and improve the quality of life for both citizens and vacationers. The community is designed to ensure the success of its members and the continued success of the area's ever-changing Downtown environment.

The website is designed for its members to be able to view the diversity of business in the area who belong to the downtown association community. From the website you can also access discounts to many of the member businesses, see upcoming events in the area and get detailed information on the walking tour of the Historic Downtown.

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

The Tours' principal idea is to address the interesting facts that aren't initially obvious about Ocean City, besides the obvious and most familiar attractions such as the delicious and fun restaurants, the amusements, hotels and of course, the ocean views. How much do you know about the unique role Ocean City, Maryland has played in the nation's history? The endless stories and adventures the ocean would be able to tell you about if it had the ability to express in spoken word, These are some of the things you will learn on the walking tour, since neither the ocean nor the land are able to bring us the facts, we rely on the voice of the local historians who have recorded and remembered the experiences of those who lived them.

As well as a spoken tour you will be given a brochure titled ‘Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Ocean City, Maryland’ provided by The Downtown Association of Ocean City. The brochure is a guide that points out landmarks of historical interest in the downtown area, providing interesting facts about each location. A brief history of the island is included too. The Walking Tour brochure also has an easy to follow map for the use of pedestrians or even drivers.

You can get a copy of the brochure at Visitor Information Centers throughout the state of Maryland. And, you may obtain a copy from the office of the Downtown Association located at 1101B N. Philadelphia Ave., Ocean City, MD.

Business Directories

The business directories are separated into four categories.

  • Accommodations members
  • Restaurant members
  • Attraction members
  • Financial Institutions
  • Additional members

For more information on these and a list of all contact information please visit or contact the site.

Ocean City Birds

You can also head to www.ocbeachbirds.com for all of the information on the Ocean City Beach birds. It is a public art exhibit and education program that celebrates artistic excellence and creative spirit of Ocean City and Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester counties. You'll be able to see designs submitted by local artists where they have creatively transformed five foot fiberglass Beach Birds into works of art.

All in all, downtownassociation.net served as an ‘all you need to know’ database and directory for its members and the community.

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