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Filmul Usturoi began its website in May of 2012.

It was a website dedicated to the Romanian film entitled Usturoi. The film was about a Roma child from a forgotten village. He and his best friend, Nicusor, discuss how poverty is affecting their lives, and the two run away together to become actors to not only escape their poor living conditions and to hopefully escape abject poverty, they are doing it also to basically help raise enough money for Eremia’s brother to get married into Usturoi, a rich clan from the village.

The logo/mascot for the film Ulusturoi was a head of garlic anthropomorphized to resemble a cowboy by having a cowboy hat on and a mustache.

Besides finding the synopsis on the website, one could also access Trivia and News about the film Usturoi.

Notable crew members include:

  • Director - Lucian Alexandrescu with E-motion Films
  • Assistant Director - Ionut Turda
  • Producers - Radu Bazavan and Lucian Alexandrescu

Photos and Videos of the filmul, or film, Usturoi were on the website included behind-the-scenes B-roll footage from the making of the movie.

The movie did premiere and was featured in a few film festivals including the Transylvanian International Film Festival Cluj, Transylvania International Film Festival Sibiu, Tenaris - CineLatino, Zalau, The Divan, the Mircea Dinescu, Timisoara - Plai Festival, International Festival “Theater Stories”, Comedy Cluj, New York City Independent Film Festival, KINOdiseea, and Boston Kids.

The cast and others created and maintained a blog about Usturoi, the Romanian film. It was about the making of the film and its journey from a concept to being shown around the world at different festivals and reactions it was receiving.

Anyone wanting official press kit tools for Usturoi, then you could grab them from the Press Kit page. You could download a press kit for Usturoi.

Partners for the film included:

  • Polus Center Cluj
  • Severus Grand Hotel Resort & Spa
  • TNT
  • Tiparo

They had a thank you page dedicated to people who helped with the Romanian film project such as Hotel Porolissum, Zalau, Andreea Groza, Nicoleta Panaite, Professor Ioan Abrudan - General Inspector of the County, School Inspectorate Salaj County School Inspectorate and Cluj City Hall staff.

Donations to help make the film Usturoi included donations from Mihaela Russian, Razvan Baciu, Cristian Gog, ACC CLEAR SKY INC, Ionut “Gioni” Moldovan, Costin Shack, Paula Talaba, Vlad Mariu Nastasiu, Cetin Ametcea, Constantin Nimigean, and dozens more.

If you wanted more information about the film Usturoi, then you could write an e-mail to the team by e-mailing

The website was around until early 2019.