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History of ant-bangos.lt

History of ant-bangos.lt
iVisa | Updated on Jun 18, 2019

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The website started in January 2007.

It was a website dedicated to fishing and fisherman in Lithuania from the perspective of the Ant Bangos Club and its members. It encouraged and covered championships and anything related to the sport of fishing in Lithuania. There was a search bar at the top for those who wanted to explore the website.

Ant Bangos Lithuania News

The latest news was displayed on the front page. You could also click on the “News” menu to see an archive of fishing news for Lithuania. In the same menu, there was a history of the Ant Bangos Club, members of the club, friends of the club, and sponsors of the club.

Some types of news covered were competition news, online registration and prize lists for competitions, and the activities of the Lithuanian Spinning Association (LSA).

There was also contact information for the general club and for leading representatives of the club.

The photo gallery featured pictures from fishing competitions in Lithuania, different types of fish caught by its members, pictures of the Art Bangos Club members, as well as other pictures relating to sport fishing.

Ant Bangos Club Activities Lithuania

Since the club held and participated in many fishing competitions in Lithuania, there were many club activities listed on the site.

Some activities and competitions were:

  • 2007 LSA Phase I
  • 2007 LSA Phase II
  • 2007 LSA Stage III

Club championships were held annually by Art Bangos. Each year had a dedicated page where they would talk about the highlights of the championships, various fish caught in the championships, and who were the winners and participants of the championships.

There were also yearly competitions separate from the main championship, and there were pages dedicated to each year as well that included the same type of information: highlights, types of fish caught, and winners and participants of the competitions.

Lithuania Fishing Waters

Water Bodies was a section of the site dedicated to describing the different bodies of water common to the fishing sport in Lithuania. The four main lakes were:

  • Lake Birka
  • Lake Monio
  • Lake Monica
  • Lake Juodas

Each page told a little about the body of water and about how fishing in each one was comparatively.

The Lithuania Ant Bangos website also had a Forum where members and fishing enthusiasts could interact with one another and discuss various topics ranging from great fishing spots, to competitions, to the sport and training of fishing.

2% Support was what the fishing club Ant Bangos wanted site visitors to donate to their cause by filling out an online for to the government which would redistribute up to 2% of the state income tax to support the club and its causes.

You could also join the Lithuanian Spinners League and then access the club members portal on the site.

The site ended around mid 2016.

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