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History of assemblee.ga

History of assemblee.ga
iVisa | Updated on Jun 18, 2019

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The website was started in 2002.

The main purpose of the site was to display information about the National Assembly of Gabon or the Assemblee Nationale du Gabon which was the government of Gabon.

The front page displayed a menu list where one could find out information on a variety of topics concerning the National Assembly of Gabon including updates and news on the Assembly.

National Assembly of Gabon

One main section of the site discussed the legislative activities of the governmental body of Gabon including Plenary sessions, Works of the Commissions, and Parliamentary Documents.

Gabon National Assembly Control Activities

You could find arrests, written and oral questions, questions to the government, investigation and control commissions, censure motions, and commitment of the responsibility of the government.

Gabon Government International Relations

Site visitors could also find information on international relations with Gabon and its government including bilateral activities, multilateral activities, and the agenda of the National Assembly.

This page discussed how the Gabonese government reached out and held relations with other countries around the world by zones split by continent such as the “Africa Zone” and the “Europe Zone.”

Gabon Government Bodies and Organs

There was a lot of information regarding the President of Gabon and the history of the office including speeches given by the President. One could also find a list of ministry deputies and their duties on the site.

The President section talked about the current president, the President’s agenda, the president’s discussion with foreign leaders, former presidents, and a list of president’s speeches.

The website was active until sometime in the beginning of 2014. Any other government bodies of Gabon like parliamentary groups and services were listed. Also, if you wanted to know more about the legislative procedures of the Gabon government, you could find it here.

The Deputies oversaw major commissions in the Gabon government. The standing committees were:

  • Finance, Budget, and Public Accounting Committee
  • Commission on Laws, Administrative Affairs and Human Rights
  • Committee on Social Affairs, Cultural Affairs, and Communication
  • Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and National Defense
  • Commission for PLanning and Land Use Planning and the Environment
  • Committee on Economic Affairs, Production and Development

Just like most democratic governments, the Gabon government structure boasted a general committee to help vote on affairs. The commision also had the ability to set up special committees to conduct special operations or projects related to the well-being of the citizens of Gabon.

There were multiple parliamentary groups that each had their own president and were able to conduct research and call for votes on the floor of the assembly. The parliamentary groups at the time were:

  • The Gabon Democratic Party
  • The Gabonese People’s Union
  • The Troops for Gabon
  • The Group for Forces of Change
  • The Democratic Republic Group

The site also boasted information on Gabon editorials, a women’s network, governmental events, archives, reference texts, historical documentation, publications, images, contact information, and more archives.

Reference texts included the Constitution of the Republic of Gabon as well as the Rules of the National Assembly.

The site ended sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

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