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History of Control.ge

History of Control.ge
iVisa | Updated on Jun 19, 2019

Chamber of Control, Georgia Republic


The site was founded in October 2007, and in May 2011, the Chamber of Control of the Republic of Georgia took over the website. This national government body was established by the National Council of Independent Georgia.

The goal was to handle information, opportunities, and disputes on national level for municipal and financial avenues and to handle disputes between levels of government on laws and provisions. They also perform financial audits for state government entities.

To achieve these goals, the Chamber of Control employed three strategic focal points: professional development; organizational development; and, corporate reputation and external communication.

The About section discussed auditing done by the Control Board, its history, audit disputes, and specific information for participants of the website.

Georgia Business Organization Development, Auditing, Calendar

The blog archived helpful articles and local guides for the Chamber of Control.

There was a list of online resources and tools for entrepreneurs which included information on business registration, tax schedules, bank calculation tools, and maps of Tbilisi. Detailed information on how to start a business and tips to enhance your entrepreneurial development were listed.

The Budget Calendar allowed governmental bodies to stay up-to-date on when documents and information needed to be given to the Control Board. This included:

  • State Budget Reporting
  • Quarterly Budget Initiation Review
  • Fiscal Spending Reports for Institutions

Employment opportunities and job vacancies were listed on the site as well as internships.

News was published regularly. Topics included audit results, quality control, and legislative changes to the Chamber of Control of Georgia legal statutes.

Georgia Budget, Audit, Values

Legislative information was listed:

  • The Constitution of Georgia
  • Constitution of Control Board
  • Regulations of the Board
  • Code of Ethics

The priorities of the board appeared so the public would know the direction of the board and its intentions for action. Government bodies could sign in to TeamMate, the audit process management system.

One could research past annual and specific reports for the activities and initiative updates from the Chamber of Control of Georgia like the state budget report.

The Publications page housed presentations and publications on state budget audits and the challenges faced by the Chamber of Control of Georgia. Samples of reports:

  • Budgeting Challenges
  • Direct Foreign Investment Analysis trends and recommendations
  • Budget Spending Compliance within the laws of Georgia
  • Extensive analysis on the budget focused on economic growth trends

There was also an extensive Strategy area on the site dedicated to the mission and values of the Chamber of Control of Georgia. The four main values of the Chamber were:

  1. Independence
  2. Objectivity
  3. Publicity
  4. Professionalism

Growth and transparency were the main objectives and the board members posted their plans to maintain international auditing standards and keep the public informed of the budget activities of the Republic of Georgia.

Anyone wanting to contact the Chamber of Control could write, call, or email them. There was a question and answer section helping consumers with frequently asked questions.

Current weather, time, and date were listed on the site.

The site ran until 2013.

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