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History of Easy Virtue Movie - easyvirtuethemovie.co.uk Domain

History of Easy Virtue Movie - easyvirtuethemovie.co.uk Domain
iVisa | Updated on Dec 27, 2022

Easy Virtue Movie domain image
The website for the Easy Virtue movie began in September 2008.

The movie is based on an international couple’s struggle to survive the wrath of a parent. A young Englishman, John Whittaker, marries Larita who is American. Mrs. Whittaker, John’s mother, does not care for Larita and therefore sets Larita up to fail over and over. Catching on to her game, Larita starts to fight back in order to maintain the love and relationship with her new husband.

The website was a landing page and promotional tool for the movie and featured:

  • A synopsis of the film
  • Cast and Crew information
  • Video
  • Downloads based on the movie
  • A gallery of stills from the motion picture

Notable cast members include Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Barnes, Kris Marshall, Kimberely Nixon, Katharine Parkinson, Pip Torrens, Christian Brassington, Charlotte Riley. Crew members included Stephan Elliott, Barnaby Thompson, Joe Abrams, James D Stern, Sheridan Jobbins, Martin Kenzie, John Beard, Charlotte Walter, Jeremy Woodhead, and Marius de Vries.

A little bit about a few of the actors and crew members:

  • Jessica Biel - By this point in her career, Jessica Biel was a leading Hollywood actress and had recently starred in The Illusionist alongside Oscar nominated actors Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti.
  • Colin Firth - He is a classically trained British theatre actor and is internationally known for his performances both on and off the big screen. Notable films starred in include Mamma Mia, A Christmas Carol, And When Did You Last See Your Father? and Nanny McPhee where he was acting alongside Emma Thompson.
  • Stephan Elliott - Stephan almost gave up the industry due to his life-changing, paralyzing accident skiing in the French Alps as he was told he would die soon. Instead, he wrote Easy Virtue as a way to get back into the industry. He both wrote the screenplay and directed the movie which had mild acclaim.

Site visitors had the ability to click on each of the cast and crew members’ names to find out details about their film industry histories such as previous projects they completed.

Downloads from the site included a collection of screensavers and desktop backgrounds so fans of the movie could keep a photo still from the movie on their laptops or desktop computers.

The gallery included stills from not only some movie sets and the actors but behind-the-scenes footage also.

One could also find links on the site where they could purchase or buy the DVD. If desired, fans could also find links to buy the soundtrack from the movie.

The website functioned for a few more years and stopped working after April 2012.