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History of mirsonstudio.com.ua Domain

History of mirsonstudio.com.ua Domain
iVisa | Updated on Dec 27, 2022

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The Mirson Design Studio webpage began at the end of 2003.

Website Design for Ukraine Businesses

Mirson Design Studios was an online-based business located in Ukraine. They helped business owners create websites, coding, and online systems for different types of sites like online casinos and gaming portals. Their mission was to create high-quality websites for many different types of businesses that were modern, tasteful, original, and complex.

Services they offered were: development and maintenance of informational websites; development and maintenance of web shops; creating multimedia applications with flash and interactive presentations; development of gambling Internet business systems such as online casinos and gaming portals.

Ukraine Information Sites

For informational business websites, Mirson Design Studios offered affordable, high-quality, modern websites for businesses seeking to get their basic information to site visitors for better online visibility and conversion for higher sales. Not only did they offer to build and maintain the websites but adding on support services was an option. Websites started at $300 USD but various factors like number of modules (such as news, communication, distribution, etc.) influence the price.

E-Commerce Sites for Ukranians

E-commerce businesses could benefit from Mirson Design Studios’ site-building offerings. Prices started at $400 USD. Variables included how many products business owners wanted to display, the number of modules used, the level of site administration systems, and the quality of the web design. It could take up to 5 weeks to develop the site, but, once again, this depended on what the client wanted. A minimum deposit of 25% of the total cost was required up front before development began.

Flash Program Sites for Ukranians

Flash programming and multimedia websites were available from Mirson Design Studios. This could be for corporate, entertainment, information, as well as e-commerce sites. The site listed various reasons why Flash was a modern way to present a business online such as its visual appeal and transitions. Prices began at $450 USD for a Flash-based website. Clients could also purchase Flash presentations that would be in CD-format, and prices for these presentations started at $500 USD.

Ukraine Online Gambling Game Sites

Mirson Design Studios also created gambling internet-based businesses. Prices started at $300 USD for a flash-based gambling game. The package included account management systems, an administrator interface and website design that, in total, would cost minimum $800 USD.

Mirson Design Studios Portfolio & Website Design News

Mirson Design Studios developed many internet business websites for Ukranians including:

  • Cherkasy - a design for the site of the city of Cherkasy
  • Fastov - a design for the site of the city of Fastov
  • Tserkva - a design for the site of the city of Bila
  • Mirson Studio - a design for their own site

Their portfolio also included an election website for Ukranian elections, splash screens, screensavers, and photo studio sites.

News about Mirson’s development was catalogued on the News page.

The website was used through 2008.

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