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History of peakad.gr Domain

History of peakad.gr Domain
iVisa | Updated on Jul 16, 2019

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Peak, a Greek online agency located in Maroussi, started their website in August 2003.

Peak Advertising, and then Peak Digital Agency Greece

At first Peak was Peak Advertising and promoted helping create ads for Greek and international companies.

Years later, they broadened their spectrum of focus, and Peak focused on communication services, web design, and artistic editing for online and print publications and cultural event promotion.

The Peak homepage changed many times, and the last version featured an overview of their company’s successful portfolio.

Peak Agency Clients and Online Portfolio Greek Companies

They worked with large companies, museums, and even some art galleries.

The goal of Peak was to give their customers an edge in the aesthetically pleasing site design for better promotion and customer retention by maintaining a modern approach to visual concepts and displays with various digital media.

Peak worked with a few top companies and cultural events and won Greek awards for design.

Greek Hellenic Companies - Law, Steel, Airways, and More

Companies they designed for included Coca-Cola Hellenic, L.P. Ellinas, Friesland, Depa, Emu Team, Difference, Kaykas, Frigoglass, Hellenic Steel, Heles, Aisakos, Athens Airways, Bank of Cyprus, Papadopoulos, and Bitros.

Those interested in acquiring online digital visual media services with Peak could see their updated portfolio of various editions of their clients’ websites and online publications.

Greek Corporate Websites

Part of their focus was corporate communications through web design. A few examples include:

  • “It’s good to share. Building trust, spreading happiness” campaign for Coca-Cola Hellenic
  • Social Responsibility Report 2012 for Coca-Cola Hellenic
  • Competition Law Handbook
  • 2015 Athens Leadership Conference

Greek Gallery Digital Projects

Some examples of gallery and museum exhibitions they helped to advertise and visualize online were PPC, Marble Museum in Tinos, AG Foundation Leventis at the National Gallery, Great Russian Painters, KAFKAS SA Workshop 2014, In the Shrines of the National Gallery, Unknown Treasures, Gait. An incompatible dandy, and more.

Greek Web Design Company

Web design projects included Online Integrated Annual Report 2012, Electronic Cards of Coca-Cola Hellenic, Coca-Cola Hellenic Homepage for 2011, Coca-Cola Hellenic Homepage for 2010, and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Homepage for 2009.

Greek Online PDF Creation and Digital Publishing

Digital publishing documents that Peak helped design included CAUCAS Digital Presentation, iBook of the Greek Collection of the AG Foundation Leventis, Interactive PDF for the Integrated Annual Report 2012, Maria Loizidou Digital Edition, Interactive PDF for the Social Responsibility Report 2011, Interactive PDF for Play to Win, Interactive PDF for Management Incentive Plan, Interactive PDF for Stock Options Plan, and more.

Anyone wanting to contact them could easily fill out the form on the Contact page.

The site went through multiple versions including a text-based Peak website, a Flash-based website for marketing and website design, and a portfolio-forward interactive website.

The site was available in Greek and in English.

The site was up and running until around September 2018.

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