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History of queensradio.co.uk

History of queensradio.co.uk
iVisa | Updated on Oct 04, 2022

About queensradio.co.uk

Fill me in Queensradio.co.uk was the website of a student radio station in Northern Ireland. It was based in the Students’ Union of Queen’s University in Belfast. Not only that, but it was run entirely by students too. It all started in 2003, and it was online until 2019.

The radio station used to entertain the entire student community at Queen’s University in Belfast. The program would include relevant information, content, and let’s not forget about the awesome music.

Since Queen’s Radio was run by students, actual students would often be on the microphone. They could produce radio shows and more. You could say that the station would give excellent opportunities to all those who wanted to follow a career in the media industry.

The station worked very closely with the Students’ Union, as well as with local companies. Needless to say, their presence was not going unnoticed outside the campus. In fact, they had events all over Belfast. As a result, they would organize many events all over the city every single year.

As for what kind of music you could find on queensradio.co.uk, in truth, the website was a hub for all types of music. It was a very friendly ‘little’ society, and it would welcome members with all kinds of taste in music.

Apart from the diverse music, old and new, the radio programs made sure to put on various daytime shows, news, reviews, interviews, competitions, as well as giveaways, quizzes, and much more. That was during the week. However, the evenings and weekends were reserved for even more diverse music. The radio station would play anything from blues to hip hop. Specialized shows would cover that.

Furthermore, the Queen’s Radio was present not only on air. It connected with the cultural scene all around Belfast. One of the best things was that it would be a platform for new and upcoming bands. So, if you had a group and you wanted to show what you’ve got, Queen’s Radio would help you out to put on a show. As a result, you would see all kinds of events organized by Queen’s Radio all over the city. You could attend local gigs and even comedy nights. It was all about fun.

The queensradio.co.uk would stream music 24/7. If you accessed the website, you could see several categories from events and schedule to gallery and news. If you wanted to keep yourself informed about things going around the campus of Queen’s University, you could just go online and check it out.

The website also contained a blog on various topics. You could find information about music, of course, but the articles were also on other subjects related to your life as a student. Being run by students, the info was always accurate and educational.

The bottom line is that queensradio.co.uk mixed different types of music with everything related to students’ lives. With quality content and good music, the website entertained thousands of students until 2019 when the site went down