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History of stat.kz

History of stat.kz
iVisa | Updated on Jun 19, 2019

Kazakhstan Statistical Data

In May 2005, The Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened the domain.

Evolving since the first official statistical body was created in 1920, the then-current Agency of Statistics had three main objectives:

  1. Formatting/standardizing statistical methodology for Kazakhstan;
  2. Implementing these methodologies within the parameters of the state-statistics principles;
  3. Providing statistical data and summaries for the Kazakh citizens, its government, and any international bodies seeking data on the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The functions of the Agency varied from oversight of data to ethical and privacy policing of official government data to implementation of research to gather data to providing reports to official bodies as well as the public on findings through data sets.

Statistics News, Information

Statistical news was featured on the website to engage the public.

The About page discussed the function and objectives of the Agency of Statistics. A history of the Agency as well as the organizational structure was also discussed. And, the site featured international cooperation efforts of the Agency as well as activity reports.

The Legislative Framework provided information on how the Agency was ran, how it was founded, and about any legal components of the founding of the Agency.

Real-Time Statistical Information provided current statistics on the latest projects, press release archives to show all the times the Agency of Statistics was featured in the media, press conference material, and market survey information for past and current data from the Agency’s surveys they gave to the public.

IMF Special Standards featured official statistical reports as well as national data archives, release calendar, and metadata.

Analytical Materials used by the Agency of Statistics & the Center for Economic Studies and Analysis were available.

Research and Development covered current research opportunities taken by the Agency.

Kazakhstan Census Data and Methodology

The List of Publications of Statistical Information and Services of the Agency had a list of main publications, a catalog of statistical publications and information on where and how to find statistical publications as well as a data retrieval system and an electronic publishing base.

The Timeline of Socioeconomic Development in Kazakhstan enabled users to see a quick, pointed history of how data shows socioeconomic trends through time.

Classifications included the different classes associated with the statistical data used and researched by the Agency. For transparency and consideration, the Agency produced their methodology to ensure bias was as removed from data reporting as much as possible.

The 2009 Population Census featured statistical information on the census for the Republic of Kazakhstan from 2009. The 2006-2007 Agricultural Census provided insights into the agriculture of Kazakhstan.

The Questions and Answers section was a page dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions by the public as well as more unique questions pertaining to official statistical data in Kazakhstan.

For quick reference, the site listed other organizations and government bodies to visitors:

  • Regional Bureau of Statistics
  • CIS National Statistical Services
  • International Statistical Organizations
  • Central Government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The domain officially closed in 2015 as the site migrated to www.stat.gov.kz.

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