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History of viimsispa.ee

History of viimsispa.ee
iVisa | Updated on Jun 19, 2019


The website began in February 2007 as the site for the Viimsi Spa located in Estonia in Eastern Europe.

Viimsi Spa in Estonia was part of the Estonian Spa Association, or Eesti Spa Liit.

While it was called the Viimsi Spa on the page, it was part of the Viimsi Tervis Spa Hotell, so people could book a hotel in Estonia that included a spa package.

The website was available in Estonian, English, Finnish, and Swedish.

Spa in Estonia

Their motto was “time devoted to yourself.” They promoted making you feel at home as you were away from your home when you travel to Estonia.

The front page was a place to promote package deals, specials, and highlight their ability to give spa treatment to anyone including pregnant women. You could also find out about booking your vacation to Estonia, location of the spa, contact information, catalogue, and their weekly tour and leisure program.

Booking a Spa Vacation in Estonia

You had the ability to fill out an online form to book your stay at the Viimsi Spa in Estonia. You had to fill out basic information like your name and phone number as well as the date of arrival and departure. Also, you could book how many rooms you wanted, any special needs such as handicap accessibility or a specific service such as a beauty or fitness package or a health guide.

There was a location page that gave you a visual map of where the Viimsi Tervis Spa Hotel was located.

Contacting Spa Hotel

The contact page included all of the information tourists needed to reach a representative in each department of the Viimsi Spa Hotell. This included:

  • Viimsi Spa Hotel
  • Hotel
  • Sales Director
  • Services and Marketing Manager
  • Head Guide
  • Head of the Spa Beauty Department
  • Manager of the Fitness Center
  • Head Accountant
  • Managing Director
  • Health Center
  • Spa Beauty
  • Fitness Center
  • Personnel and Sales Expert/Conferences
  • Head of Treatment Department
  • Hotel Manager
  • Head of Maintenance Department
  • Account Manager (Therapy Bookings)
  • Chairman of the Board

The catalogue was a downloadable PDF of their services.

Tour Information Spa Estonia

If you wanted to experience Estonia through tourism and spa fun, there was a page dedicated to the weekly schedule of events from Viimsi Spa.

One event was the Tallinn Tour which was led in Finnish. You could also do a Tallinn tour in Swedish.

If you wanted to explore the music or theatre scene in Northern Estonia, you could do so by going to one of their special events. Such events included dance music at restaurants like the Meritaht. One theatre visit included listening to an operetta like the Wiener Blut by Johann Strauss.

They also had sightseeing tours and shopping tours.

They did include happy hour at their Piano bar for buy 1, get 1 drinks. They also did a daily “stick” walk that started in the main hall. It was a free walk led by the hotel.

The site for the spa and hotel ran until March 2016.

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