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History of websolutions.ge Website Domain

History of websolutions.ge Website Domain
iVisa | Updated on Jul 16, 2019

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Beginning in May 2012, WebSolutions, a Georgian web development company, began its online presence on a website.

Web tools, development, web design, and web applications were their four main services.

Georgia Website Tools, Site Check, IP Detector, QR Code Generator

For web tools, they offered a site check, an IP detector, and a QR code generator for citizens of the country of Georgia.

The site check included a free professional audit of your website with registration. They helped audit site architecture, simplicity, internal search engine optimization (SEO) and social media interaction with the site. They used a standardized method and had actual people audit the site, not a computer program. Then, they added the site to an online catalog on Sitecheck.ge which was public information and accessible by the public.

Clients had to agree to the rules and conditions of Web Solutions’ administration. They would not work on Georgia websites that violated copyright rules or applicable laws that pertain to the internet. They also refused to work with pornographic websites, private sites, or any sites with questionable morals that may negatively impact the well-being of adolescents or children. Further, WebSolutions did not work with websites that did not come from Georgia or sites that had no Georgia content or Georgia-related content.

Georgia Website Development & Web Design Company

This was the main focal point of WebSolutions. They boasted their experience creating websites that are secure, fast, and sustainable. Web development services included technical support, development, web design, applications, mobile sites, and search engine optimization (SEO).

They used the following web platforms and software languages: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Open Graph, and Schema.

First, they do an audit of your current site if you have one. If not, they will create a technical task list for your future site. Then, they have a team meeting and work on a timeline. Web development then began. Then, they used testers to test the website and provide feedback for the best version of a site. After all of this, the final Georgia website project will be given to the customer.

Web design teams also played a role in WebSolutions’ projects including a web designer for the general draft of the project and conceptual level. Then, once structured, the designer works alone in crafting a color palette and flow of information, so the web design is efficient for the Georgian website.

Customers of WebSolutions included Edwardton, Gori Morning, Millimeters, ACCENT, Ivote, LeloBet, All News, BPN, New Voice, Freea, The Kviris Palitra magazine, Interpress News, Tasty, Weather News (Dari), and Adam.

WebSolutions.ge had a Facebook page, a Google+ page, and a Twitter page, both of which were accessible via the social media links and buttons on the website.

The site ran until December 2018.

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