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Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs Domain History

Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs Domain History
iVisa | Updated on Aug 11, 2020

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About klubprijateljaunicefa.rs

Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs is a website dedicated to UNICEF in Serbia. If you wanted to become a member of UNICEF in 2012, you could enter this website and fill in a form. Once you became a member, you could become an active volunteer in UNICEF-related activities and fundraising.

This website would target both regular people and businesses. Once on the site, you had to sign up. Once you did that, you could donate money each month to improve the lives of children in developing countries. The initiative was an admirable one, and numerous people signed up.

If you were a business, the klubprijateljaunicefa.rs would give you a badge that you could put on your website. That way, you could show your clients that some of your profits go to UNICEF. At the same time, the badge would encourage other people and businesses to donate money to UNICEF. All with the purpose of changing some lives for the better.

In case you became a member on Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs, your support had the following benefits:

  • It would ensure continuous and regular funding that was necessary for the implementation of current programs, as well as for upcoming programs involving new children.

  • The continuous and planned implementation of different charity activities

  • It would encourage a reduction in administrative costs and efficient usage of funds. After all, it was the children who needed those funds, and in many cases, that was their only hope for a better tomorrow.

Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs also had a news section. However, the articles covered only things related to UNICEF activities and anything involving their members. For instance, if there was an ongoing program, the news would cover everything related to that program and the people implementing it. It was a nice way to stay transparent and show donors what their money could do.

Of course, as an active member, you could always see where the money was going. You could contact the people in charge and ask about past and upcoming programs. If you have questions about how Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs, the website has a section that covers frequently asked questions. If you access that page, you will learn how everything works; from how to sign up to what your responsibilities are.

For instance, if you signed up as a member, you could donate each month a different amount. Maybe one month you had more money than the previous one. But that would not affect your membership. On the other hand, if it happened one month for you to have no money to donate, your membership would not be affected. You would still remain a member, and you could make a donation the next time you would have the chance.

Klubprijateljaunicefa.rs did not have a very long lifespan. It faded away back in 2017. It was then used as a redirect for UNICEF Serbia.

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