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mvtp.kg History

mvtp.kg History
iVisa | Updated on Jun 19, 2019

This site was founded in March of 2001 and is a governmental website for the Kyrgyz Republic involving public works and municipal ordinances. It includes a database of the first edition of its official Catalogue, which was created in a joint effort between the Project for Support of Implementation of the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of External Trade and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Exporters Association of Kyrgyzstan. The Exporters Association of Kyrgyzstan invites users to its website at the address: www.export.kg. On the website, users can find the information about the current activity of the Exporters Association, information and analytical materials, manuals on exportation of Kyrgyz goods to a number of the countries adjacent to Kyrgyzstan. The Association carries out a regular work on renovation of its website.

Deputy Minister

Mrs. Nina M. Kirichenko was born in Frunze City in 1952. Mrs. Kirichenko was assigned the job of design engineer at the Ministry of Local Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic after graduating from Frunze Polytechnic Institute in 1975. She served as the associate officer at the State Planning Committee of the KR and then as head of the department of the State Property Fund. Mrs. Kirichenko was assigned the position of head of the division on economic and market relations at the state apparatus of the Kyrgyz Republic. Prior to her appointment, Deputy Minister Kirichenko served as head of the division on industry, constructions, transportation and communications of the Prime Minister's Office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Customs Tariff

The Customs Tariff of the Kyrgyz Republic is based on CIS Common Goods Nomenclature. This three-level structure of the customs tariff provides the change of rates of import customs duties depending on the level of processing of imported goods, such as:

  • raw materials
  • semi-finished and finished products
  • goods used in the process of implementing the Customs Tariff. The Customs Tariff of 2001 was formed on the basis of the Customs Tariff of 2000. The scheme of tariff range was simplified and reduced. Modifications proposed by the Kyrgyz Republic seek the following objectives:
  • Provision of additional revenue of the budget for the approximate amount of 300 000 USD Protection and support of domestic producers (rates on transformers and accumulators were increased up to 5%.
  • Strengthening of control over imported goods by simplifying administration of duties.
  • Modifications on 508 goods headings are distributed in the following way:
  • Additional rates introduced on 245 goods ( cereal grains, flour and meal, oil seeds, hides and skins, articles of leather, manufactures of straw, iron and steel, primary materials, alloys, non-ferrous wastes, arms and ammunition). The average customs tariff rate upon introduction of modifications amounts to 5.15%. The Customs Tariff was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry jointly with the State Customs Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance, taking into account remarks and proposals of the relevant ministries and agencies. This governmental site closed in early 2015.

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