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ncyclades.gr Business Domain History

ncyclades.gr Business Domain History
iVisa | Updated on Oct 01, 2019

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This website offered Business Administration courses to the Greek community. The website promised that its learners would “learn how businesses are run and how managers can take them to the next level”. Their online students will gain a solid foundation in strategizing, setting policies and procedures and achieving business goals.

Below are a few of the classes offered by N Cyclades in the program’s Business Administration training:

  • Customer Relations and Servicing: This course introduces new customer relations students to the importance of customer service in business today. Students will be exposed to the essential skills that are needed when dealing with both external and internal customers. Emphasis will be focused on verbal and non- verbal communication skills, dealing with challenging customers, solving problems, surveying customer satisfaction and retaining customers.
  • Accounting I: Students are acquainted with basic accounting principles. Emphasis is on the accounting cycle, accounting for cash receipts, disbursements, banking procedures and reconciliations, payroll processes and recording the basic transactions of a sole proprietorship.
  • Management Success: Teaches management and the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Focuses on application of management principles to realistic situations managers encounter as they attempt to achieve organizational objectives. This course also examines the legal, ethical and social responsibilities of management.

“No matter what direction you take with your business training, you will be prepared to enter the business field with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed”. Their program offered to give its students a real-world experience with what it called “an externship”.

They were dedicated to fostering leadership and technical skills in their student’s future careers and businesses.

Career Opportunities with Business Administration Training

The need for people with business training will continue to increase because the number of new companies and businesses is always growing. Below are just a few of the career options that were available to users of the program:

General Office Clerk Every office is different, which means that duties and responsibilities as a General Office Clerk vary from office to office. You may send out company-wide emails or help plan training meetings for a department. No matter where you land, you will be an important part of the team.

Insurance Claims Clerk As an Insurance Claims Clerk, you will help individuals with their insurance claims. You will use your expertise and knowledge to match customers with the best available options and resources.

While this was not all you could choose from, the Cyclades Program in Greece was a leader in the area for workforce education in Business and Finance.

The website ended in April 2019.

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