iVisa $1,500 Scholarship

iVisa $1,500 Scholarship
iVisa | Updated on Oct 29, 2018

Congratulations to Rachel L. from The University of Waterloo (pictured above). She is the winner of the iVisa $1,500 Scholarship. She will be studying in Israel and Singapore. Read her letter.

This scholarship is over. Go to the annual scholarship page.

Attention potential study abroad students. Do you want to study abroad?

iVisa.com, a global passport and visa processing company, is offering a $1,500 scholarship to any student who is interested in study abroad.

We designed this scholarship with you in mind. The application is straight forward and you should be able to complete it in less than 60 minutes.

Applicants must:

  • have a 2.5 GPA
  • be currently enrolled in university
  • and submit their application no later than May 15th, 2017.

To apply, email scholar@ivisa.com : 1.) your unofficial university transcript 2.) a 500 word story in PDF format in English about an experience you had where you became friends with someone from a different culture. The email title must be “Scholarship application”.

The winner will be announced May 20th, 2017.

  • Applicants must want to study abroad but no proof of enrollment in a study abroad program is needed. The scholarship can be used for school expenses in the terms before study abroad or during study abroad.

(Click here for full size flyer.) iVisa Scholarship

Mark Twain

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”  

– Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

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“i just wanna know that i am writing the winning letter 500 words without filing the application or should i upload my winning letter together with my documents. I am currently doing my 2nd year in B OF ADMINISTRATION ( PUBLIC ADMIN ) at University of Fort Hare in south africa ”
mlondolozi hulushe (707 days ago)
“You need to send your application along with your documents to scholar@ivisa.com”
Admin (707 days ago)
“Hello, I would like to study abroad for master's. I have already got acceptance letter from an Italian University. The course will be started at September-October. Am I eligible for this scholarship? If so what type of documents I would have to provide? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks ”
Ali (706 days ago)
“Hello Ali, I'm sorry but applicants need to be currently enrolled in a University. Best regards iVisa scholarship team”
Admin (706 days ago)
“What are the conditions of this scholarschip? Is it a one time payment or does it support students over a longer period of time?”
Eva Gerl (706 days ago)
“Hello, I am enrolled in a Master in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, I have still no marks or transcript, can I provide the Bachelor's transcript of records of my Italian University? Thank you very much, Best regards.”
Serena Collina (705 days ago)
“Hi admin, i am currently studying in Indonesia and planing to attend summer class abroad for two weeks, am I eligible for this scholarship? thanks ”
Laras Fischer (704 days ago)
“Hell Ivisa, I'm glad to meet you at this juncture. I'm a South Sudanese national, currently resident in Kampala, Uganda. I'm enrolled in college studying diploma in business administration at Makerere Institute for Social Development (website www.misd.ac.ug) or misd14@gmail.com/yahoo.com. I'm also given a degree admission from ISBAT University in Kampala to study Bachelor of Information Technology. I would like to know if I am qualified to apply to this Ivisa scholarships program because I have tried so much scholarships programs but it look like they're unusual and not reality programs. However, I hope this would work!”
Mangok Aliap Chawul (703 days ago)
“Plz tell me in which university we got the admission?”
m hamza khurram (703 days ago)
“Hi there hw are you? I jus want to ask ,if i have no the GPA am i eligible. Currently , i am enrolled at Great Zimbabwe University in Zimbabwe for a Masters in Applied Accounting. kind regards.”
mugove chikoko (703 days ago)
“Sorry, i have researched what GPA mean. So dont bother to answer the question i have just asked cause i have an Upper Second degree class(2.1) at undergrad ,so am i eligible?”
CHIKOKO MUGOVE (703 days ago)
“You can submit doubts to scholar@ivisa.com”
Admin (703 days ago)
“Hello, iVisa! Is it compulsory for the prize holder to spend the winning money on studying abroad? ”
Jessica J. (702 days ago)
“My GPA is 2. I really really really want to apply. It is so sad. My studying field is engineering. Can't I apply no matter what??”
Anudari (699 days ago)
“I am in my last year of high school, I have been accepted to a University and I accepted my offer. Would I be eligible?”
Juliana (698 days ago)
“Hi....Sir tell me that we need previous degree transcript or where we take new admission ? Thanks”
Kaleem.ch (696 days ago)
“I am doing masters at a university in my home country, Bangladesh and I have plan to study abroad. Am I eligible for the scholarship?”
Shazaratul Zannat (696 days ago)
“i want to study Medicine abroad and now i am in University OF Botswana can i apply”
Gaolebalwe Basimane (693 days ago)
“This scholarship is only for currently college-enrolled students”
Admin (693 days ago)
“Hi, so I am currently a high school senior who is going to University next year. I am wondering if I am still eligible for this scholarship because for the past year I have been taking courses through the local community college so I have a college transcript but I am not actually attending a university yet.”
Alaina Holland (692 days ago)
“I am a civil engineer I'd like to study for a master degree but I don't have IELTS ,I studied English at WEI in USA please let me know if I am eligible. I can provide proof that I studied there along with my diploma. ”
Dorival Marc (692 days ago)
“Hello. Only currently students enrolled in college are elligible for the scholarship. Best regards ”
Admin (692 days ago)
“Hello, I'm in my master's now, but I want to quit and study abroad. Is it possible, that I can get a scholarship?”
Anna (691 days ago)
“Hello there! Unfortunately you need to be currently enrolled to be eligible. ”
Admin (691 days ago)
“I am currently enrolled, but just want to change the university next semester. So would it be OK in this case?”
Anna (690 days ago)
Admin (690 days ago)
“I have the last question: what is meant by unofficial university transcript? Thank you!!”
Anna (690 days ago)
“Hello, I am graduating from bachelor degree this year and intend to continue it with masters. So, does winner have a chance to study for master's degree free and scholarsip is given monthly? ”
Kamila (690 days ago)
“Hi, iVisa. I am currently in my last semester of foundation and I will be taking degree in civil engineering starting from 20th May. but I still have this ambition of studying abroad. For civil engineering student, where do you usually send the students to? Is it the country that we want or country that is under your list? Thank you”
Nordiana Hassim (690 days ago)
“Hi, I am from Russia. Is it possible for me to get a scholarship?”
Olga (690 days ago)
“Hello sir i am studying bachelor degree.. can i apply..? And sir i wanna know that all fees are free.. like hostel.. meal.. college fees,flights etc..”
Mintu.. (689 days ago)
“It this scholarship apply for exchange studies?”
Masliyana (689 days ago)
“Is there any application format? If not what the application need to contain?”
shakkher (688 days ago)
“Is this scholarship is only exchange university?”
Fazlul (688 days ago)
“Hello, I am currently enrolled in one of the American universities precisely Atlantic international university. Could help me grasp this opportunity?”
Mohamed Cissé (687 days ago)
“Hello, my transcripts are in German. Unfortunately, I can't make the University officially translating it to English. Can I turn in the German one with my personal translation? Also, we don't have a GPA system. Would I still be able to apply? Thank you, Barbara”
Barbara Reitz (685 days ago)
“I titled my winning letter, "My Scholarship Application," is this okay? Also is there any estimate of how many applicants there are? Thanks!”
Marissa (684 days ago)
“Now I am attending my masters in my country. Am I eligible for the scholarship and can I use the scholarship to pay for my masters here if I will win the scholarship? ”
Kassahun (684 days ago)
“Does it have to be 500 words excactly, or can it be more, like 600? Also my country doensn't have GPA, can I transfer my grades myself?”
Diana (684 days ago)
“What do you mean by unnoficial transcript? My grades?? ”
Juliana (683 days ago)
“hello, I hope this post find you in good health. my inquire is (I am a PhD student at Budapest university of technology and economics and I am from Iraq so can I do an application for this scholarship? and what do you mean 1500 USD for one time or monthly fee or what? I hope to hear from admin? thanks in advance ”
Mohammed Saad Kamel (683 days ago)
“What do you mean by unofficial university transcript? ”
Marija Kurucki (683 days ago)
“Hello all and sorry for the late reply. The winning letter can be as long as needed, 500 is the minimum. Yes, unofficial transcript refers to the grades. It should be a document issued by the university. Good luck all!”
Admin (683 days ago)
“Hey, I'm currently studying in a university but now am going to internship abroad, can I still apply? Thanks.”
Brigitte (683 days ago)
“Hey, my university transcript is not in English. Would it be OK if I translate it by myself?”
Anna (682 days ago)
“Is this only for US students or any student around the world? Thank you!”
Fabio (682 days ago)
“Hello, Is it also possible to apply, when you are German and currently studying in Germany, but waning to study abroad in the States? Thanks already. ”
Fabian (681 days ago)
“I am a Russian student. Our university transcript is different from the European (or the U.S) one due to the different education system. Can I do the transcript with the explanation?”
Evgeniia (681 days ago)
“Hello, you can translate your transcripts and put an official school stamp on the translation. Thanks ”
Admin (681 days ago)
“could that be a second or third master ? does the story need to be with in my home country or it could be when I already travelled abroad ”
Amira (678 days ago)
“Is this scholarship only for american citizens wanting to study abroad and/or foreign currently enrolled in an american university? Or is it for any citizen in any country wanting to make an exchange? ”
Johanna (678 days ago)
“How many students will be selected for this scholarship?”
Ali (677 days ago)
“We will only have 1 scholarship awarded”
Admin (677 days ago)
“Is there an application form?”
Lisa (677 days ago)
“i have accepted and paid the fees to study at King's College in London. Am I eligable? ”
Margot frayne (677 days ago)
“Is it a must to be not more than 500 words? I am finding my story is too long to fit in 500 words, is it Okay if it's a little bit longer? Also, I do not have a GPA, I do not need one either in my mother country or in the foreign country that I am enrolled for the university. Can I still apply? Thanks a lot! ”
Orchid (676 days ago)
“I have finished a term only in medical college, and I received an online results . How can I submit them .. regarding that I'm having my second term finals these days, so the transcript will be given after the scholarship deadline. Thank you”
Shaima Yahya Al-Banna (676 days ago)
(675 days ago)
“As for the deadlines, what time and timezone is it (as for May 15th, 2017) ? Just come across the scholarship, and would very much like to submit! Thank you! ”
Denis (675 days ago)
“Is there a response stating that the application have been accepted after sending the email?”
Erin.Y Gabourel (671 days ago)
“No, we are now evaluating all candidates. We are only reviewing applications sent before May 15th. Thank you”
Admin (671 days ago)
“Hello, i am currently studying university and i have official transcript , so what to need to do official transcript to e scanned or can i photo capture to my phone and then send to email both documents , thank you , i really need this scholarship so bad.”
hodan salan (670 days ago)
“I would like to congratulate Ms.Rachel for winning the scholarship and the winning letter has really came up well. I would also thank iVisa for providing such scholarships encouraging graduates which motivates us to achieve things.”
Pratheep Balu Anbalagan (668 days ago)
“hello there! I m grad to meet you at this time. i m Rwandan national,and my currently resident in Kigali/ Rwanda/ and i have a bachelor of degree in economics obtained at Kigali Independent University(ULK)website (www.ulk.ac.rw) and my own email are uwafofo022yahoo.fr or uwibambe44@gmail.com and i m also qualified to apply to this scholarship programs in order to complete my studies .Am I look forward to hearing from you?”
uwimpuhwe Alphonsine (658 days ago)
“Am a student at Metu NCC Northern Cyprus and eligible with a GPA of 3.8 can I still apply or has time ran out am attending second year in september”
Barisah Bilal abdikadir roba (626 days ago)
“what scholarship covers? its it all fees and 1500 $ extra?”
student (623 days ago)
“Hi, when will be the next contest? Thanks”
Charlotte Frei (506 days ago)
“Sir i went to apply online uzbek visa ...i put my credut card number n it giv me referral number as 162558...sir but i didnt get any info after ...my brother is saying embassy cutted amount of rs 4236 from his card ..but m so worried ...pls helpp”
Rishabh (31 days ago)
“Dear Rishbah please give us your order number so we can track your order. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto - iVisa (29 days ago)
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