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Top 10 cities of diversity

Top 10 cities of diversity
iVisa | Updated on Jul 02, 2017

Traveling is an excellent way to acquire some amazing experiences. You cannot do that staying at home, which is why you should explore as many locations as you possibly can. It is true that not everyone can afford to travel around the world, but with the right planning and budgeting, you can achieve more than you think. One of the ways to make the most of your traveling is to go for diversity. Do not go in one place and stay there for too long. Chances are that there are beaches in your country of origin or a nearby country, so there is no need in traveling across the globe to lay in the sand. Fortunately, there are plenty of locations that have it all. Here is a list of top 10 such locations.

10. Bialystok, Poland

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Bialystok provides diversity as far as religion is concerned. You can find anything from Greek Orthodox churches to Catholic churches. The ones you should certainly visit while you are in Bialystok is the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is an imposing building with beautiful architecture. It is unique in Bialystok, and it represents a must see while there. The Hagia Sophia is an Orthodox church and is just as imposing as the previous building, but what is inside will impress you. The paintings are amazing, and the overall experience is something you will not forget anytime soon. The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is not something out of the ordinary. It is enormous and has an impressive architecture, but it is the choir that will charm you. It might as well be the best choir in Poland. Listening to it will definitely give you the chills.

9. Lome, Togo

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Lome is the capital city of Togo and is quite charming. One of the places where tourists go is the Grand Marche. It is a regular market, but the sights are lovely. The best thing about this market is that it is fun and colorful. There is a lot of cloth for sale, and it comes in all possible colors. The Marche aux Fetiches is not for everyone, but it holds a great deal of culture. You can learn about ancient tradition. However, be careful with the vendors. They sometimes pressure you into buying things you do not want.

8. Lviv, Ukraine

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No matter what else you would like to see in Lviv, the number one attraction is the Chocolate Museum. You can acquire a lot of information and learn about the history of chocolate, but everyone’s favorite part is the chocolate itself. You have never eaten better chocolate in your life. The one in the museum is made by highly professional chocolate makers, so you can only imagine how good it is. The children would also love the place, just make sure not to indulge too much. You do not want to leave there with a stomach ache. Besides chocolate, you can visit Old Town. It is a beautiful place and ideal for a long walk. You can admire the buildings, which are built in amazing styles. You can wander for hours, and you will not get bored. The street performances and the small coffee shops add a lot of charm to the place. It is a must see in Lviv. Other attractions include the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet. If you book ahead, you may get to see a show. The St. Yura Cathedral is another site you would like. The building has a stunning architecture. The entire place looks majestic. The Lviv High Castle provides an amazing view over the city, and the road there is a great hike. You have to climb for a while, but the panorama is worth it.

7. Sandakan, Malaysia

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Sandakan is a location where you can explore nature like no place else. You have plenty of sites you can visit. Some of them you can experience in an organized manner, with a tour guide, but others you can do all by yourself. One of the main attractions in Sandakan is the Orang Utan Sanctuary. There are not many places where you can interact with orangutans. Seeing them in a semi-wild environment is an experience you will never be able to forget. Orangutans are not the only animals you can observe. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center is a magnificent place where passionate people save and rehabilitate bears. You can watch them in an almost natural environment. This too is an amazing experience. Turtle Island Park is another location that you should explore. You need to take a boat ride to a small island, but the place looks amazing and the food there is very good. Not to mention that you can interact with turtles. Depending on the time of the year you are going in Sandakan, you have the opportunity to release baby turtles into the sea, which is something out of this world.

6. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sarajevo has a sad history. War has hit it in a way that you cannot imagine. However, it recovered, and now is a place that you must see if you have the chance. There are plenty of sights and historical landmarks that you can visit. One of them is Gallery 11/07/94. Nothing can bring back the horrors of the war like this museum. People do not like to be reminded of horrible things that happened in the past, but the Gallery provides amazing insight. It is a must see because the overall experience is unforgettable. Just make sure to get the audio guide. The Sarajevo War Tunnel is a site you should visit as well. However, without a guide, it is a short and mediocre experience. The Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track is an interesting place to see. It looks as if it is taken out of a horror movie, which is why it attracts a young audience. It is a unique place with a charm that not many people can understand.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is one of the most diverse locations you will ever have the chance to visit. The first activity on the list is the Petronas Towers. You cannot go in Kuala Lumpur and not see the towers. It is like going in Agra (India) and not see the Taj Mahal. The ideal moment is at night when they are beautifully lighted. As far as impressive buildings go, you can also visit the Menara Kuala Lumpur or the Thean Hou Temple. They are both magnificent structures with impressive architecture. Besides visiting buildings or other such points of interest, Kuala Lumpur can offer a true spectacle of nature. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park will leave you in awe. It is an enormous park with hundreds of species of colorful birds. Bird lovers spend hours just watching them, but anyone would love the view. Apart from the bird park, you can enjoy multiple nature and wildlife tours. All you need is to hire a guide, and you will be able to experience fantastic corners of nature.

4. Manila, Philippines

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The Philippines are famous for their diversity. You have everything from wildlife to tropical paradises. Manila is the capital city, so you know that you can find anything there. One of the most visited sites is the Manila Ocean Park. This place is amazing for the entire family. The children will love the colorful fish, but so will you. There are hundreds of species available, and you can even watch some shows involving sea lions. If history is what you are after, then you should visit the Intramuros. You can find it in the heart of Manila and has been kept as authentic as possible. When you first see it, it gives the impression of an old, brought down building, but in fact, it is built in an old fashionable colonial style, and the officials wanted to keep it that way. Even so, the Intramuros is one of the most interesting places you find in Manila. Fort Santiago is another tourist attraction. It is a massive and interesting historical fort that you must see before leaving the capital. The sights are amazing, and the overall experience is unforgettable. The Manila Bay is the ideal place for a long, relaxing walk. The perfect moment is at sunset when the sun is diving. It is indeed a lovely experience.

3. Kigali, Rwanda

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Kigali is a small city in the center of Rwanda, but it has plenty of sights to offer. The most popular is the Kimironko Market, a lovely traditional market where you can buy anything from clothing to food. The market is busy, but the people are nice, and you can experience the street life in Kigali. The Kigali Genocide Memorial is the place where all tourists go. The site transmits a feeling of melancholy, and it actually has an emotional impact. Not everyone can sit through the entire tour. The stories, the pictures, and the remains are heartbreaking. They are all that is left from a massacre that nobody will ever forget. On a happier note, the Inema Art Center is something that will cheer you up. The colorful art, the lovely food, and the music performances make this place a unique location. Keep in mind that you can also book nature and wildlife tours. The gorilla safaris are the most popular.

2. Casablanca, Morocco

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Everyone has heard about Casablanca. It is a charming place that has a lot to offer. For example, you cannot go to Casablanca without spending some money in Quartier Habous. It is an enormous market where you can admire and shop for Marocco’s best merchandise. The prices are not low, so make sure to work on a budget. The people there know how to bargain so that you can have some fun with that as well. The Corniche is a lovely place that has a breathtaking view of the Atlantic. You can take a long walk on the beach, eat some amazing food, and admire the surroundings. The entire area is spectacular, so you will not regret going there. The Old Medina is also something you should not miss while in Casablanca. It is nothing like most medinas. It is big but authentic. The food is fresh and mostly cheap. However, what you will remember the most is the smell. It smells amazing, and you will not want to leave. Keep in mind that you can take various cultural, historical, and heritage tours. They may be a little expensive, but they are worth it.

1. Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India. Even if you try, there is no way in visiting all the attractions in one vacation. However, you can choose from a couple of great ones. The first is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It is a train station, but it is not like something you have seen before. Grand Central Station in New York is a cute joke compared to this one. The building has a fascinating architecture and design. The inside of the building is quite impressive. However, just like many places in India, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is filled with both locals and tourists. Even so, the site is still worth visiting. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link is an iconic bridge in Mumbai. The structure is imposing, but the ideal moment for visiting it is at night. You have a spectacular view of the sea, and the panorama is fantastic. The Marine Drive is also called the Queen’s Necklace because the road is a semi-circle with street lights that sparkle like diamonds. It is a beautiful place for a walk, and you also have an amazing view of the sunset.


The more diverse a place is, the better. After all, the entire purpose of a vacation is to see new places, to absorb foreign cultures and acquire experience you cannot get at home. The locations above are perfect for that purpose. They provide entertainment, knowledge, and sometimes a drop of wisdom.

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