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Top 10 vibrant cities

Top 10 vibrant cities
iVisa | Updated on Jul 03, 2017

While some people prefer to have peace when they travel, some are looking for excitement and fun. That is not a bad thing. Not all people like the same thing. Fortunately, there are destinations for everyone. It does not matter that you are young, elderly, passionate about history or looking for the best food in the world.Chances are that there are hundreds of locations that you would love. Finding those locations, on the other hand, may not be as easy as you think. Not everyone defines vibrant the same way. There are people who are looking for excitement and adventure, while other are interested in the nightlife of a particular location. Either way, you will eventually find those places. The top ten vibrant destinations you will find below will give you some ideas.

10. Davao City, Philippines

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Davao has plenty of attractions to offer. You will have a lovely time there. You have the opportunity to see eagles from up close. The Philippine Eagle Center is the home for these birds, which are an endangered species. Your trip to Davao City is not complete without visiting it. The center hosts various animals apart from Eagles. You can spot crocodiles, Macaque monkeys, snakes, and more. Do not forget to bring your camera, as you will want to remember this place. The Davao Zorb Park is the best place to have some fun. The most popular attraction is the Zorb, obviously. The park is near a crocodile park, but people go there mostly for the head rolling. It is an exciting experience, and you will have plenty of fun. The best way to end a day is in Str3ts Urban Lifestyle Pub. You can enjoy a few cold ones, good food, and the people are very nice. The music is good, and the atmosphere is vibrant. You will have a lot of fun.

9. Aizawl, India

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One of the best ways to experience a city’s vibes is to visit one of the local markets. You can learn about the people, their culture, and their way of doing business. The Burra Bazar in Aizawl is the perfect place for that. You can do some shopping while you are there because you can find anything you want. From roses to guns, it is all there. However, you can have a lot of fun as well. That is if you are into these kinds of things. The Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is meant for those who want to escape the busy city crowd and admire nature for a few hours. You can see wild boars, hoolocks, gibbons, barking deer, serows, sambar deer, and even leopards. You may not seem all of them, but there is no chance for you not to spot a few.

8. Grande Comore, Comoros

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Comoros is an island, so the best locations are the beaches. Grande Comore has a few of the most appealing. The Chomoni Beach is the most visited by tourists. It is a clean spot, ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The views are not something to overlook either. It is a gorgeous place. If you are up for some exploring, the Bouni Beach will meet that purpose. You can explore the vegetation around, go and take some pictures of the rocks, or you can stay on the sand and sip a cold drink. The sights are amazing, and you will enjoy your time there.

7. Mandaluyong, Philippines

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This location provides plenty of attractions where you can have a great time. Also, you can find quality entertainment for your children as well. The Trampoline Park – Zeo Gravity Zone is one of the main attractions for the little ones. Nothing compares to jumping up and down for hours. You can also join them in a game of baseball or volleyball. It is fun for the entire family. Karaoke is also something that you can do while in Mandaluyong. After a day in which you visited the city, you can relax at Celebrity Lounge Family KTV and Restobar. You can have a drink, and if you are up for it, you can walk on stage and sing. The bar has a vast music library, up to date, and the sound quality is very good. You can even have a nice meal. The food there is somewhat ‘too good’ for a bar. Breakout Philippines – Paragon Plaza provides several escape rooms for every level. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will have a lot of fun. In some cases, there is actual interaction with the actors inside the room, which is an unusual thing in an escape room. One of the most popular rooms is the Hush Escape Room.

6. Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Guatemala City can be a fun place to visit. One of the attractions that you would like is Mundo Petapa Irtra. It is an amusement park where you can experience all kinds of rides. The park is vibrant, colorful, the street food is very tasty, and kids love this place. If you take your children with you on your travels, then this is the place to visit. Another interesting place to visit is the Relief Map. It depicts Guatemala as seen from up high. It is an interesting place to visit. You can see where the mountains are, lakes, and the seaside. It is a sort of Google Earth in real life. The children love this map, and there are two small amusement parks across the street. You can end your day in one of Guatemala’s most popular bars. Soma Centro Cultural is a lively place where you can enjoy some good music and drink a couple of beers. You can also eat there, and the food will not disappoint. You will have a great time. Not to mention that the music is perfect for dancing.

5. Delhi, India

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Delhi is a city in Northern India, and it consists of the old city, Shahjahanabad, and the new city, New Delhi, which is, in fact, the capital of India. Since it is the capital territory, and there are about 11 million people, you cannot have any doubt that the city is vibrant. The Jhandewalan Temple provide one of the most amazing shows at night. When all the lights go on, you will be left in awe. The best time to visit is off-season, but during festivals, the place is as vibrant as they come. The dance, the people, the food, they all form an unforgettable experience. One of the most beautiful things you will see in Delhi is a private tour. It is called Old Fort ‘Purana Qila’ Sound and Light Show with Dinner and Transfers. There is a show that lasts 4 hours, and then you can have a lovely dinner. The illumination show lasts about an hour and is projected on the walls of the 16th century Old Fort. It is an amazing experience that you cannot miss. Another experience worthy of your time is the ‘Cook and Eat with a Local Family.’ You can interact with your host, learn how to cook Indian food, and have a lovely dinner with the host’s family. It is a cultural experience that you will enjoy very much.

4. Hyderabad, Pakistan

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Peddamma is one of the most popular temples in the region of Hyderabad, and it is always full of people. The place gets overcrowded at times, but it is a pilgrimage spot, after all. It is very interesting to see how so many people come to the temple and say prayers to the Mother. It is a very emotional ritual as well if you appreciate these kinds of things. The point is that Peddamma Temple is a place worthy of a visit. Surendrapuri is a colorful place like nothing you have seen before. You can easily compare it with an image taken out of a coloring book. While there, you can learn a lot about the mythology of the Hindu culture. It is attractive to children as well, so if your kids are with you on your travels, this is the place to visit. For some fun in Hyderabad, you can go to Wonderla Amusement Park. It is ideal for a hot afternoon with your friends and family. There are plenty of water sports and rides available. The place is very well maintained, and you will have a wonderful time.

3. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The city of Dar es Salaam is a beautiful place to visit, and the culture in Tanzania is rich. One of the places you will most enjoy is the Mwenge Woodcarvers Market. You can admire and purchase masks made of wood by the very talented artisans. One of the things you will enjoy the most is the bargaining. If you want some fun, bargaining is a must. The artisans are used to tourists, and they make a spectacle out of it, but they are very nice. Some of them can rip you off, though, so make sure to walk through the entire market before making a purchase. To avoid the hot weather, you can go to Kunduchi Wet ‘N’ Wild Water Park. It is located next to the sea, but children love this place. Adults enjoy it as well. You can have fun, have a good meal, and relax for a few hours.

2. Batangas City, Philippines

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The Philippines are nothing if not vibrant. The people, the food, the places, they all stand for a good time there. In Batangas City, you can find several places where you can have fun and enjoy yourself. The Masasa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. However, the place is not children friendly. It is more of a virgin island with few developments. There are many rocks on the beach. Other than that, the place is fantastic. It is ideal for people who are looking to get away from the city and crowds. The Layag-Layag Reef provides the most amazing views. There are no stores where you can buy your supplies, so make sure to bring everything you need. The place is usually crowded, but you can also find it empty at times. You can still have some fun and admire the sights. It is also ideal for people who are traveling on a budget. If you are looking for some fun and excitement, The Summer Cruise and Diving is what you need. The experience is peaceful and relaxing; you can go diving and swim with the fish. You will find some very beautiful spots. Even when you go snorkeling a few feet from the resort, you can still see the marine life. You will love the experience the place has to offer. Moreover, it is very cheap too.

1. Torun, Poland

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Torun is a vibrant city in more than one way. You can find fun there for the entire family. For one, you can visit the Live Museum of Gingerbread. Not only you can see and learn about the making of gingerbread, buy you can get involved. You can make your own cookies, following your own design. It is a fun experience, and it is most popular with the children. It is definitely worth visiting. The Torun House of Legends is a fascinating place where actors will play and teach all about the Torun legends. They even involve people from the audience in their tales, which is very exciting. Kids love it, and you can have very much fun watching. It is the best way of learning history. The Cosmopolis Fountain is the best way to end an evening. The fountain itself and the lights will put on a lovely show that you should not miss. The opera singing is not bad either.


The world is full of destinations that will satisfy your hunger for vibrant experiences. All you need to do is a little research. The destinations above will give you what you need. They are beautiful locations where you can have the richest experiences. All you have to do is choose one and start from there.

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