VFS Global Reviews | VFS Gloabl Complaints

VFS Global Reviews | VFS Gloabl Complaints
iVisa | Updated on Feb 06, 2018

Even though travel is becoming increasingly accessible for a growing number of citizens around the world thanks to emerging economies, globalization and the rise of the Internet, many countries have strict rules and regulations in place for visa applications. To address the difficulties of bureaucracy and confusing application processes, many companies offer a visa service to take the headache out of travel. iVisa is one such visa service that helps people from all nationalities obtain visas for the majority of nations in the world, and it's a service that's becoming increasingly revered by travelers thanks to its sterling reputation. While iVisa isn't officially affiliated with governments, it simplifies the application process, verifies documents and sends applications to the relevant authority to obtain visas on behalf of travelers.

VFS Global

VFS Global, on the other hand, is a company that has partnered with client governments around the world, such as India, the UK and Australia, to handle their visa and passport processes. In many situations, travelers have no choice but to handle their visa application via VFS Global despite the fact that it suffers from a poor reputation and has even been accused of monopolizing the industry.

In spite of the operational differences between these two companies, they both perform a similar function regarding their visa services. To help you decide which company to trust when it’s possible to choose between the two, this article will review and compare them in terms of customer service, efficiency, user-friendliness, and price.

Customer Service

We expect to receive excellent customer service with every company we deal with regardless of their industry, and it's vital for visa services to answer queries quickly because they're responsible for making a complicated process simpler. iVisa fairs extremely well in this regard, but VFS Global has received negligible positive feedback.

Reporting on Trustpilot, Manohar stated very clearly that he was less than impressed by VFS Global: “One of the most useless agencies – they offer no help at all, the call center is useless, they are ill-informed and they make you wait for weeks to months on simple queries." To add to the disappointment, Carly said: "The staff here (at least the ones we were in contact with) were incredibly rude, had a horrible attitude, and absolutely no customer service skills.”

iVisa, on the other hand, has built its reputation largely on its high level of customer service, with Sally reporting: “Excellent quick service. They answered all my questions by return email. Highly recommended.”

Efficiency of Service

Many travelers who plan their holidays well in advance prefer to save money on their visa by applying through the relevant embassy, which is why visa services should provide an efficient service to travelers who need to obtain a visa at the last second.

VFS Global has a far from good reputation regarding its efficiency, with many travelers reporting they had to cancel their planned trips altogether. Mixed with an insufficient level of customer service according to many travelers, it seems that it might be a good idea to look elsewhere for visas if at all possible, especially if you're in a hurry.

iVisa often goes above and beyond people’s expectations, securing visas quicker than customers expected. Reporting on Trustpilot, Lilly said: “Very efficient service. Visa granted within 24 hours – would use the service again as one less thing to worry about”.


While it’s not always necessarily a good idea to choose the cheapest service available, prices should be reasonable, competitive and reflect the professionalism of the company.

Dee and Bobby Shaw said in a detailed Trustpilot review: “I found this service to be a big massive fraud,” later adding, “It seems that you are untouchable and therefore get to keep the money I have spent on the requirements and visa.” According to the reviews on Trustpilot, it also seems as if mistakes with payments are a common occurrence. Dagney Taggart said: “They double charged the $192 service charge for my priority visa.”

iVisa has previously made mistakes with payments per some reviewers, though issues were fixed by the company promptly along with a sincere apology. Additionally, most of their customers report that their fees are reasonable and transparent with no hidden charges.

Ease of Use

A visa service must make their application process simple because many travelers utilize them to avoid having to deal with the complicated bureaucratic processes offered by embassies and immigration departments. Yet again, iVisa scores very highly in this category, and VFS Global leaves a lot to be desired.

Travelers often need to make a face-to-face appointment with VFS Global for visa processing, and unfortunately, there is almost no evidence to show the company makes this a smooth process. Speaking on Trustpilot, WM said: "They have a reservation system that doesn't work… go there expecting to waste half your day even if given an appointment.” There have also been many complaints regarding the process of mail applications, with more than one customer referring to the service as a ‘bureaucratic nightmare."

iVisa boasts a very simple-to-use system that most travelers love, with a simple application form, fast processing time and an attractive website. Mark Lo reported on Trustpilot: “I find the process simple, efficient and fast. Confirmations are received within the same day if I provide all the relevant material. Good service.”

VFS Global Summary

VFS Global is often the only visa processing choice for travelers, but its bad reputation has led a huge number of travelers to wish this wasn’t the case. It has a very unimpressive rating of 1 star from 100 reviewers on Trustpilot, so it’s recommended to look elsewhere when possible.

iVisa Summary

It’s no wonder iVisa is growing in popularity with a 9.5 rating on Trustpilot from 1,808 reviewers. Its service is fast, efficient, reasonably priced and professional, and in rare situations where it can’t handle your visa application, it can help you prepare the documents to an acceptable standard.

How to Get Your Visa

As the reviews and overall ratings seem to suggest, iVisa is a fantastic visa service that you might want to utilize whenever possible. To obtain a visa, head to iVisa.com, click on the ‘Visa Application’ button on the homepage and fill out the simple application form. You'll receive direction on what to do next if any additional documents are required. You'll also be shown the fee and processing time before you need to provide any personal details.

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“Went to Los Angeles to apply for a visa. The personal is incompetent they have no sense of emergency and I have received someone else passport and I am still in possession of someone else passport. I have reached out to them and they told me to send an email UNBELIEVABLE. One week later nothing has been done in order for me to send this passport back I feel sorry for that person but my hands are tight. I hope to get this taken care of asap as this person is expecting to travel. This is beyond crazy and it is a mistake that should have never been made”
Cece (103 days ago)
“I was just at VFS Chino Roxas Makati to apply for an Australian visa. I was told by the guard main entrace on duty that I can only go in Australian office only at 2pm. My husbans and I did not lusten to him because we knew that the operating hours for visa is only up to 2pm, and therefore proceeded to the office. I confirmed wirh the Austrian personnel who assisted me in processing my visa as to what time the office is open and She confirm that they are only open up to 2pm.. I would like to call your (Management) attention to train your people to carry out their duties and responsibilities especially personnel who has direct contact with customers. Your services is ineffecient, unprofessional and inconvinient. The Australian and other embassies office personnel are well verse and trained. The problem is your security personnel and VFS personnel who has no clue about their job, unfriendly and stupud.”
Loreba Gaisberger (76 days ago)
“Dear Loreba. Our service is online, we do NOT have an office, the VFS Chino Roxas Makati does NOT belong to us. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto - iVisa (71 days ago)
“I took my appointment 90 days earlier than my travel dates which I didn't know the rule for 90 days period. I paid $60 for my husband and myself for visa and went there. I took off from my job, I wasted all my time to go to Atlanta. They said they can't process application etc. Then I asked for REFUND, they said they cannot. Their job is organizing the appointments so that we do not make any mistake and that's the reason why we pay for $30 fee. They do not mention it when taking the appointment on VFS website so that they can scam people. Even their replies were pretty ready, it seems like they scammed so many other people. This is stealing money. Be careful with them.”
Merve Mingir (55 days ago)
“Dear Merve: We are NOT VFS. We are iVisa (different company). We are not located in Atlanta, in fact we are a digital company. We are sorry you had a bad experience with that company, but we are not related. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto - iVisa (55 days ago)
“Attended the premium office in New York, on 3rd avenue. To even give 1 star is an overstatement of this service! Their website has minimal information about their process or their services. I paid 850 dollars for the silver package and was treated disgustingly! Because I already went for the biometrics they said that they couldn’t assist me. However, they also say that they can’t put this information on their site - of course they wouldn’t - why would they! Scamming people out of money is better, isn’t it?! Wasting people’s time - is the thrill of the day! Then I was told that in order to be assisted with priority service in order to get my visa processed quickly I would have to make a new application and pay the visa fee again!!!! Blind robbery! And all of this infor isn’t on their website and I was told that they don’t take phone calls either! So technically it’s a guessing game, when the customer will always be the loser!! Worst of all the way this information was delivered to me was like , well sorry, we can’t help you, you need to pay again and leave! Of course I will be upset! If you can, find a different way to get assistance!”
Stacey-leigh Manuel (35 days ago)
“VFS is a scam. They are incompetent and aggressive and unethical in their practices.”
Sri (32 days ago)
“Dear Sri, we are iVisa NOT VFS. We are not associated with that company and we are sorry that you had a bad experience. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto - iVisa (29 days ago)
“Dear Stacey we are sorry you had such a horrible experience with VFS, but we are iVisa (different company). We are a 100% digital business, we do NOT have offices in NYC. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto - iVisa (29 days ago)
“Priscilla at VFS Global New York (was working on counter 5, in February 2019) was terribly rude and had an overall hostile attitude. She responds to questions with a death stare and an aggressive grimace, that I was almost expecting a hiss would follow. The other staff next to her, was only slightly better. I saw them treat other people similarly too. Applicants of course can not criticise this behavior, either because of lack of proper English or because they would not want to risk the chances of their application. I happened to point out that the checklist that was produced by VFS did not include the document that they told me was required, in a completely polite manner, and even my questions about what I should be doing next was not welcome anymore. I was told by Priscilla that there was no time to obtain the document because they were closing at 2 PM, which was an obvious lie, because they were supposed to be -and were actually- open until 4PM. You travel to NYC and pay $30 on top of consulate and postal fees ($100), for this unprofessional service.”
Cagri Yuksel (11 days ago)
“Dear Cagri: We are NOT VFS, we are iVisa (different company) we are an 100% digital company, we do NOT have offices in NYC or Atlanta. Thank you!”
Alessandra Pinto (PE) - iVisa (8 days ago)
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