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zanabazarfam.mn domain history

zanabazarfam.mn domain history
iVisa | Updated on Aug 11, 2020

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About zanabazarfam.mn

Zanabazarfam.mn is a website created for the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum in Mongolia. It includes details about the museum itself, about the art you will find there, as well as information about various exhibits that took place over the years.

First of all, on zanabazarfam.mn, you’ll find information about the Zanabazar Museum. It was open in 1966 to showcase both contemporary art and are antiques. At first, it was called simply Art Gallery, but in 1995 it received the name of Zanabazar after the famous sculptor G. Zanabazar. Some of his most famous sculptures are still on display in the museum.

Zanabazar was known as Undur Gegeen, and he was one of the most famous people in Mongolia in the 17th and 18th century. He was a sculptor, painter, and illuminator who contributed greatly to the development of fine arts.

Zanabazarfam.mn had multiple pages on different topics. For one thing, you would find information about different exhibits that were available at one point or the other. Not only that, but you would have been given details about the visitation hours, the cost of a ticket, the fee for photos and recordings, etc. Basically, you were given everything you need to know about a certain exhibit.

Once you clicked on an exhibit, you would also find information about the history of the exhibit. Most prominent artists, historical facts, stories, and so on. It was not exactly a tour of the exhibit, but it would surely provide you with enough information that could help you find out whether or not you were interested in what was on display.

Other valuable pieces of information you could find on zanabazarfam.mn were the e-books on different museum-related topics. For instance, you could download documents about risk and quality management in a museum, or guides on how to take care of artifacts. This was more appealing to people working in museums, but it was incredibly useful.

Zanabazarfam.mn would also have a page with news and events. As we all know, museums like to host events around a particular exhibit, and the Zanabazar Museum was no different. You could find out information about the where and where. If there were fundraisers, the website would put it up so that people would find out and attend.

The website we are talking about also had a page with upcoming projects. People were invited to attend. Some volunteered for some educational and cultural work. This type of think would bring people together through their passion for fine arts. The museum would often organize seminars and competitions, as well as exhibits for children, and the website would announce them.

At the end of the day, zanabazarfam.mn would serve as an information hub for all those interested in fine arts in Mongolia. The website contained a lot of useful information on exhibits, artists, current and upcoming programs, as well as several events. Not to mention that you could get details about the opening hours, costs, and rules.

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