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Zimbabwe visa cost

Zimbabwe visa cost
iVisa | Updated on Feb 06, 2019

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When people plan for a vacation, they know that they have to go through a tedious process because they need to go and visit the embassy of the country in which they want to go. However, that is no longer an issue with iVisa. iVisa is a company that helps tourists get their visas through an online process that last 20 minutes tops.

Tourists who would like to go to Zimbabwe enjoy the same process. However, you need to see if you are eligible first. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a Zimbabwe evisa, but surely in the future things will change. In order to check your eligibility, all you have to do is visit the website and look for your nationality.

One important aspect when you apply for a visa is cost. It is a natural concern because you want to save the money for the trip itself. The best way to see how convenient a Zimbabwe visa is is to make a comparison with the old-fashioned process and what it entails. So let’s take a look, shall we? If you go to the Zimbabwean embassy in your country, you need to take some time off from your job. After all, the embassy will be open during business hours, so you do not have much choice in the matter. That means you will lose some money and you will probably get behind with your work. Also, you need to go in the city where the consulate is. Often, the embassies are located in the capital cities. So, depending on where you live, you may have to travel for a few hundreds of miles. That will take some time and effort from your part. On top of all that, you need to pay a fee when you get there and apply. Not so convenient, isn’t it?

Now let’s analyze what it means to apply for a Zimbabwe evisa using iVisa. The entire process is online, so all you will be missing is 20 minutes. As for the cost, you do not have to spend a lot. In fact, the visa itself is free. However, you are going to have to pay a service fee. But that is not much and depends on a few factors.

The most significant aspect is the processing time. iVisa provides three options when it comes to that:

• Standard Processing Time – when you select this option, all you have to pay is the minimum service fee of 20$ (or the equivalent in your country’s currency.) You have to wait 10 days for the visa to be released, but if you have no emergency and you like to plan ahead, that should not be an issue.

• Rush Processing Time – this cuts the waiting time in half. You have to wait five business days for the evisa to be released, but as you may expect, it costs a little more. In fact, it costs an additional 40$ than the standard, which means that the total will be 60$.

• Super Rush Processing Time – this time you have to wait only three business days, but the emergency fee is 60$, which means you are going to have to take 80$ out of your pocket.

Aside from the service fee, you will be required to pay a 45$ stamping fee when you arrive in Zimbabwe.

If you think about it, even if you select the Super Rush Processing time, you spend less than going to the embassy. You do not have to take off work, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. That is a win in anyone’s book.

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