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Zimbabwe visa for Pakistani citizens

Zimbabwe visa for Pakistani citizens
iVisa | Updated on Nov 14, 2018

If you are a Pakistani citizen who wishes to travel to Zimbabwe, you will be delighted to know that you no longer have to go to the Zimbabwean embassy to get your visa. You can obtain it online with the help of the services provided by iVisa. The entire process is online, and you will be done with it in maximum 20 minutes.

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What are the requirements?

Just like when you go to the Zimbabwean embassy in Pakistan, you need to meet a few requirements. However, the difference is that the online version of obtaining a visa is not very demanding, and it is almost effortless. First of all, you will need the following documents:

• A passport – chances are that you already have a passport, and if you do, make sure that it is valid and will keep its validity the entire time you will be in Zimbabwe.

• A digital scan of your passport – what really matters is the information page, but you need to scan the entire document.

• A recent digital photo of yourself

• A credit/debit card or a Paypal account – when you apply for the visa, you are required to make the payment.

• Address in Zimbabwe – many people get confused about this part, but all you need is a letter from a host or a hotel confirmation from Zimbabwe.

• A copy of the previous visa – this requirement is applicable only to people who have already been in Zimbabwe before.

Once you have all of that together, you can fill in the application. It will not take long, especially that you have everything at hand, and in case you need some help, iVisa puts a 24/7 support service at your disposal.

Processing time and prices

One of the things Pakistani travelers concern themselves with is the cost of the visa and how long they have to wait for its release. It is a valid concern, but rest assured that everything is designed to satisfy you. There are three available processing times:

• Standard – if you choose the standard processing time, your visa will be ready within ten business days. It is the most commonly used option, mostly because it is the cheapest. The visa itself is free, but you are required to pay a service fee. In this case, the fee is 20$ (2223.31 PKR.)

• Rush – this option guarantees that you will receive the visa within five business days, but you have to pay 60$ (6669.93 PKR) for it.

• Super Rush – last but not least, the Super Rush processing time is meant to satisfy the needs of travelers who are in a rush. Your application will be processed within three business days, but the price for it is 80$ (8893.23 PKR.)

Apart from the service fee charged by iVisa, you are also required to pay the stamping fee when you arrive in Zimbabwe. That is 45$.

Hopefully, you can see how simple and brilliant the entire process is. You do not have to go anywhere, and you are not required to send your passport to the Zimbabwean embassy in Pakistan. Also, you will save time, energy, and money. iVisa will make sure that you will receive the document via email as soon as your application gets processed so that you can use that time to plan everything else. As for the visa, let iVisa worry about that.

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