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Responsive and Helpful on Chat

Wonderful company to work with - they were very responsive on chat as we made some mistakes on our end. They assured us everything would work out and worked with us until we received our E-Visa. We got it just two days before traveling. I would highly recommend IVisa. If you are in a rush, I would recommend paying the extra to ensure it is ready in time because the government needed more documents and that allowed us extra time to submit.

Pritam Gajjar

Indian E visa within 35 hours, Highly impressive ivisa

Highly impressive. Thanks to Ivisa team for their great support. I just applied yesterday for my son's Indian E-Visa in a standard service (96 hours). But in a duration of 35 hours (within 2 days), today I get his visa. Before applying it, we were very confused for the E-visa websites. But thanks to this team for their great quick effort. Highly Recommended to all.

Sateesha Achar

I was surprised to get my Visa within 2…

I was surprised to get my Visa within 2 hours and amazed at the fact that how hassle free the entire process is. Thank you guys, keep it up. I will make sure to spread the words among my friends.

Sriyanee Kuruppu

I applied to get visa to India

I applied to get visa to India. This is the first time I used this service. Highly recommend them for anyone need to get E-Visa. Easy to apply through their Web form, can add multiple people in a single request. Fast and efficient service. Received visa within few days. Only downside I found is the order of the application process. It request your visa fee payment, in the 2nd step, before completing the application form with all the information. In general, any web based purchases the payment is requested in the last step. This may raise a concern for a first time user.


Great experience!

Really quick and easy! I received notification that our visas were ready within 3 days of submitting the forms online. I noticed an error (on my part) after the visa paperwork work was issued and I got an almost immediate response to my e-mail letting me know they were working on the change. I will most definitely be using this service for future trips to Vietnam!

W Coopman Jr

Kept me informed of the process as it…

Kept me informed of the process as it moved along. Went smoothly. Not only would I recommend iVisa, I will use them next time I need a Visa in my travels

David Sierra Jr.

IVisa treats customer's like VIP !!!

I really have to say that I was an impatient individual and making many mistakes. Didn't know squa ts about scanning then uploading to send you the info you needed. You guys were very patience, helpful and very courteous and honest since the duplicate payment was returned to me. Will pass your good service forward. Again, thanks for all your help. David Sierra Jr.

Inder Verma

Applying for a tourist visa to visit India

Applying for a tourist visa to visit India is always a stressfull part of preparing for holiday. There are many confusing websites and fees, however we chose this site and have been delighted with the speed and efficiency in which they were processed...we will use this site next time we go to India, thank you.


This was an amazing experience for me…

This was an amazing experience for me as I don’t have to goto embassy taking a day off from work and wait in the queue to for visa application. Online visa approval is simply an exciting experience and I wish more countries start the same process sooner

Manogran Naidoo

Application for Sri Lanka tourist visa

I will definitely recommend iVisa for: 1. your exceptional efficiency 2. highly cost-effective 3. ease of navigation through your website. Although you have provided your contact details, there was no need to contact you as you surpass all efficiency levels. Thank you once again, for making this application process a pleasant one Kind Regards Mano Naidoo

Richard Lorych

Impressive service

Impressive service, after trying and failing numerous time at the official site, i thought i'll have to go another way, that way was ivisa and in a matter of minutes it was done and dusted. thank you ivisa. ps. i paid the same fee that the official site wanted!


Glad I found your company! Highly recommend the service

I spent 3 hours trying to complete a visa form on the government website for India and was not successful due to crashes and failures to accept the proper documents upon upload. I searched for a reputable visa service on Trip Advisor and iVisa was the ONLY one that had positive feedback. After my own personal contact with support to validate the company, I went ahead with the process and it worked perfectly. I recommend iVisa for their professionalism, transparency and reasonable costs. The service fee of $35 was well worth it given the frustration and time wasted trying to manage it on my own. I only wish I had found iVisa sooner. I am an active traveler and could have used their help in the past. I will use them in the future.

Liz J

I first tried using another email India company

I first tried using another email India Visa company. The forms were very difficult to fill out & it took me so long I decided to make it the second level (rush) application. The cost escalated to over C$350!! Using this company - iVisa - I was able to apply for two visas simultaneously, & they were provided in only a day & a half & the cost for two was much less than the other site wanted for one application! I am really pleased with iVisa’s service - easy forms, quick service & cheaper cost. Thank you so much!

Robert Zimet

The application was easy to follow and…

The application was easy to follow and well designed. the applicant receives an immediate response after submission. If a correction has to be made, the nature of the correction is clearly shown and after re-submission of the application an acknowledgement that the application is being reviewed is communicated to the applicant. Finally, the approval comes quickly thereafter. In my case, within 48 hours.

Zara-jo Wright

100% would recommend this service..

100% would recommend this service... I was in need of a visa to Australia with a flight in less than 12 hours!!!!! I was in a completely state when I woke and my visa had not yet come through so I thought I’d give this a try I was skeptical but it was a fantastic service got my visa sorted within 30 minutes fast easy and just couldn’t be happier!! Now I can have a stress free journey thanks!!

Dennis Doherty

Amazingly Easy To Get a VISA

The last time I received a VISA for Vietnam was in 2009. I had to send my passport with a VISA request to the the Vietnam consulate and wait 4 to 6 weeks for the return of the passport along with the VISA. iVisa makes getting a VISA a no hassle event. I went online and filled out the request. Payed with Paypal (there are several methods of payment available) and sent a face picture along with a picture of my passport. Just a few days later, I received the letter of entry from the Vietnam immigration service. Truly quick and painless. Amazing!


This was such an easy smooth process

This was such an easy smooth process. I was really struggling to get the government site to work and read about this site on a blog and even when I messed up my passport number they reviewed everything and had already fixed it for me! Would highly recommend!

M. Jooma

I would definitely recommend this…

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone traveling to India. It is a very easy and fast process. When I applied, I received an email that it will take 96 hours to process. However, I got my visa within 24 hours. Really happy with them.

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