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Even though Afghanistan has been mostly inaccessible over the last 30 years, it offers visitors great mountain ranges, a diverse and rich mix of cultures and off course a lot of historic places to visit. From the Kabul Museum that was once one of the greatest museums in the world, to the 800 hundred year old Herat’s Friday Mosque (one of the finest Islamic buildings ever) to the Herat Citadel that is believed to stand on the foundations of a fort that was once built by Alexander the Great. Afghanistan tourist visa is required for most countries in the world.

At this time doesn't provide an online support for Afghanistan tourist visas.

You can however click here to see which Afghanistan Embassy is closer to you. Our staff can help you resolve any doubt you may have.

  • Tip: Check your passport validity the availability of blank visa pages You will need a passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity . Make sure it contains un-used visa pages before going to the embassy.