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iVisa | Updated on Dec 21, 2022

Turkey is known for its Mediterranean coastline, markets, fascinating history hidden with religious figures, and stunning natural landscapes.

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Here are some essential questions about what you should know about the COVID-19 entry and testing requirements for Turkey, to help you have a pleasant and peaceful trip.

Please note: International arrivals (including Turkish Citizens or non-nationals of Turkey) are not required to complete the Turkey Public Health Passenger Locator Form anymore.

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What are the requirements for COVID-19 testing in Turkey?

Since June 1st, 2022, most of the COVID-19 restrictions for Turkey have been lifted, and all travelers who meet the travel conditions can enter the country without any COVID-19-related limitations:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity from arrival date in Turkey
  • Visa (if applicable)

Does Turkey require a COVID-19 test before departure?

The Ministry of Interior in Turkey announced on May 31, 2022, that travelers or tourists who enter Turkey through any border crossing point do not need to present a negative PCR test anymore.

However, COVID-19 restrictions may change at any time and in any country. We, therefore, recommend always checking with your airline for any updated COVID-19 rules before traveling.

Do transit passengers in Turkey need a PCR test?

Air passengers in transit at Turkish airports are not required to undergo PCR or antigen testing. Still, it is advisable to check the flight restrictions for the final destination, because a COVID-19 test may still be required for entry.

How can I obtain a COVID-19 test in Turkey?

Istanbul airport has a testing center located in the terminal and serves passengers 24 hours daily. At the center, you can perform different tests without queuing, delivering the test results quickly. In addition, the Turkish government and the Turkish Ministry of Health has a dedicated page where you can search for testing centers.

The Ministry of Health of Turkey has put a lot of emphasis on protecting its citizens. Therefore, it has sufficient testing for people living in Turkey and visiting tourists. If you have any symptoms or doubts that you may have contracted COVID-19, these alternatives make it easy to get tested and have a safe trip, knowing you are not infected or may infect other people around you.

What happens if you test positive for COVID-19 in Turkey?

If you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay in Turkey, please make sure to isolate for at least 7 days to avoid spreading the virus. We also recommend to have health or travel insurance that covers any medical treatment or emergencies related to COVID-19 in the country, in case you need it.

It is essential to keep in mind:

  • To purchase travel medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment.

  • Purchase an airline ticket that allows for flight changes if you're leaving Turkey later than planned.

How much does COVID-19 testing cost in Turkey?

There is a standard price for the COVID-19 test of TL 250 if you take the test at the airport or in public hospitals. However, private laboratories and hospitals may have higher fees. Travel medical insurance coverage may include antigen and PCR testing.

How can I request the Passenger Locator Form?

It is no longer required to fill out the Turkish Passenger Locator Form before departure. However, you may still need a visa.

What can visitors traveling to Turkey expect?

Turkey is slowly getting back to normal. Stores, cafés, and restaurants are now operating at the usual hours. The use of masks is no longer mandatory in public and outdoor spaces, as long as they are well-ventilated and always respect social distance rules.

Museums and visitor sites are opening their doors to tourists; in some cases, masks are required for a visit. In addition, mask-wearing is mandatory when traveling on public transport, including buses and trains.

An interesting fact we couldn't leave aside about Turkey is that Istanbul isn't its capital. It is a fascinating city where you can see medieval architecture and impressive mosques. But what makes Istanbul unique is that it is the only world city stretching between Asia and Europe. Istanbul is divided by the Bosphorus River. The western bank is in Europe, and the eastern bank is in Asia. The Galata Bridge connects the two banks where tourists can cross the bridge from one continent to the other.

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