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Oman Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Oman in 2023

Oman Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Oman in 2023

Welcome to Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia and Yemen to the north and east, respectively. It has an area of approximately 1,200 square kilometers (460 sq mi) and a population of 3.8 million people. The capital city is Muscat, which lies at the southern end of the Gulf of Oman.

Here you will find the ultimate Oman travel guide, filled with travel advice and recommendations for an unforgettable trip, so let’s start!

Document checklist for Oman

  • Visa
  • Health Declaration
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Return airline ticket

Essential Oman travel information

  • Currency - Omani rial (OMR). USD 1 is equivalent to approx. OMR 0,38.

  • Daily budget for 1 person - For one person the budget is around OMR 75 (USD195)

  • Languages - Arabic.

  • Socket type - For Oman, the associated plug type is G. Oman operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.

  • Time zone - Gulf Standard Time- Time zone in Oman (GMT+4)

  • Top 3 cities to visit - Muscat, Nizwa, and Bahla.

  • Top 3 landmarks/monuments - Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House Muscat, and Jabrin Castle.

Visa information for Oman

The local authorities require the Oman tourist visa to be issued to foreigners who wish to visit the country for tourism purposes. There are different types of e-visas, and we will explain each type to you.

Oman eVisa explained

There are three types of Omani visas available:

  • Oman Single Entry Visa: Travelers can only enter the country once and stay for up to 30 days in Total. This type of tourist visa may be extended once for up to an extra 30 days.

  • Multiple Entry Visa: This Oman Visa online allows visitors Multiple Entry within one year. Each stay can be no longer than 30 days per entry, and this visa cannot be extended.

  • GCC Residents Visa: This is a special visa for travelers with a GCC residence card and is valid for a Single Entry to Oman for up to 28 days in Total. It can be extended once for up to 7 days.

We recommend you use our Visa Checker Tool to know which one you need depending on your nationality.

Oman eVisa for Hayya Card Holders explained

The Oman eVisa for Hayya Card Holders is an electronic visa that allows foreigners to enter Oman for tourism activities and to visit Qatar to see the Fifa world cup.

This visa lasts 60 days, and it’s a Multiple Entryvisa, which means that you can arrive in Oman, then travel to Qatar, and return to Oman to visit its many attractions.

Typical costs and budget for Oman

Know the essential guide of the budget you should have in Oman.

Daily spending per person - The price per person daily can be around OMR 75 (USD 195).

  • Meals - On meals per day, OMR 26 (USD 67).

  • Transport - In local transportation OMR 21 (USD 54).

  • Hotel - For one person, the accommodation is OMR 19 (USD 49,42) and for a couple it is OMR 38 (USD 98,84).

A one-week vacation to Oman usually costs around OMR 535 (USD 1360,29) for one person. So, a two-person trip to Oman costs around OMR 1,047 (USD 2723,19) for one week.

Transportation and ways to travel around Oman

There is easy transportation and good roads to explore Oman. Although you should know that to go to the most remote places, it is recommended to rent a car or travel with a tour guide to have a stress-free trip. However, if you do not have the necessary budget, you can take small buses that travel around the country; this is the most affordable way to explore.

Don’t forget that you can also enjoy the sea in Oman, so a ferry is also a good option.

Safety in Oman

Oman is a safe country. It is also famous for tourism so you can travel safely and quietly as long as you respect local laws. The crime rate is low, so while there are misdemeanors, you don’t have to worry.

You must remember that Oman has the threat of terrorist attacks, so you must be very aware of it and be mindful of your environment at all times, as these attacks can occur in places frequented by tourists.

For women traveling to Oman, you do not have to worry. It is easy and safe. However, remember that it is necessary to respect local traditions and their culture, so it is advisable to dress appropriately, so you will not have any problems, in addition to following the rules.

Here is some general travel advice on how to travel to Oman trouble-free.

  • Respect the local laws as they can be connected to their religion. In this country, there can be severe penalties.

  • Try to organize your travel plans ahead of time. Look for a travel agent or tour operators.

  • Have good travel insurance. *Avoid consuming illegal drugs; there is zero tolerance for drug offenses. These crimes can carry the death penalty.

Weather in Oman

Here, we will tell you the best season to travel to Oman and its weather.

It is excellent for outdoor events and festivals in the high season, from October to March. Its temperatures range from 15°C (60°F) to 30°C (85°F). There is almost no rain, making it a good season for those who love excursions.

April to May Is recommended for travelers who have a low budget. The weather is warmer, so there are fewer tourists, and the accommodations and excursions can be more affordable.

In the low season, from June to September, it is summer and boiling. This is an excellent time to observe turtles on the beach of Ras Al Jinz in September when green sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand.

Popular cities and towns in Oman

Cities to visit that will take your breath away

  • Muscat- Here, you will find palaces, museums, and markets to explore. You can also visit the Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts, which have become museums open to the public. All marvel at this city with excellent infrastructure; in the old town, you will find whitewashed buildings.

  • Nizwa- In the 6th and 7th centuries, this city was the capital of Oman. Today it is known for its incredible fortress built in the 17th century. This fort is a museum that will show you the life of that century. You can also visit the souk, where you can buy metal jewelry, traditional coffee makers, and more gifts from your visit.

  • Bahla- If you imagine adventure in the desert, you can find it in Bahla; it is like an oasis and is a mandatory point of reference for travelers. In addition, have a storied history. The 13th-century Bhala Fort is a great place to visit. You can also buy local ceramics, a city tradition.

  • Misfat al Abryeen-This village is located in the mountains of Oman, where there is still a traditional atmosphere. This town is made of orange and brownstone buildings, highlighting its beauty surrounded by mountains.

  • Salalah- It is an important place as the ancestral home of Sultan Qaboos, the reigning sultan in Oman since 1970. You can admire the wonderful Sultan’s Palace, in addition to touring the old town and appreciating its architecture.

Must do and see in Oman

There are beautiful places to explore; here, we mention what you can’t miss in Oman.

    • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque- You will see a masterpiece of architecture, design, and spirituality, which you must visit as it is a significant mosque in Oman.
    • Royal Opera House Muscat powerful place of culture and art in Muscat. Its contemporary fusion with historical style makes this place special and unique. Additionally, you can enjoy great performances.
    • Jabrin Castle- It is a castle built in 1675 AD and is regarded as one of the most picturesque castles in Oman. Built by Imam Bil'arab Bin Sultan, a fan of art and poetry, he left his tastes impregnated in Koranic poems and poetry quotes on its walls.
    • Jebel Akhdar- Its name means Green Mountain; in the Hajar Mountains, it is one of the most beautiful places in Oman. You’ll find small towns, including some abandoned ones. You can see fruit trees and eye-catching orchards. Plus you can take a hiking trip.
    • Musandam Fjords- Located In the Musandam Peninsula, rather unmissable and magical, called "Middle East Norway," compared to the fjords of Norway. Its high limestone cliffs are reflected in its marine waters, perfect for a boat ride.

Typical Oman food to try

There is nothing like trying the different flavors to learn more about a country's cuisine. Oman is no different.

Respect local traditions by eating delicious food

  • Shuwa- It is a traditional dish prepared on special occasions, such as festivals. Its preparation process is long, with lamb, goat, or camel marinated with various spices.

  • Omani Bread-It is easy to prepare and is very popular among Omani families. Its ingredients are flour, water, and salt. These are kneaded, cooked in a boiling pan, and served with cheese, mayonnaise, or honey.

  • Harees- It is one of the oldest dishes in Oman, even dating back to the 10th century, throughout the Middle East. Its preparation and ingredients vary in each Arabian country. Harees is a combination of boiled or ground wheat soaked in water and combined with clarified meat butter and sheep’s tail fat, seasoned with Arabic spices, and served with cinnamon and sugar.

Vaccine information for Oman

Here, you can find all the information about the Covid vaccine and other vaccine requirements and the health advice you need before entering Oman. Just click on the CDC website.

Oman Is The Oldest Independent State In The Arab World

The Omani Al Said family has ruled Oman since 1744. It was one of the most isolated and traditional countries in the Arab world until the decline of 1979 when Sultan Qaboos was the ruler. It is also said that for 106,000 years, humans have lived in Oman, making it one of the oldest inhabited countries in the world.

Fun facts about Oman

Check out some interesting facts about Oman!

  • Whitewashed Buildings- You can easily get lost because many houses and buildings are painted white. This highlights the beauty of the country.

  • Mountain Dew is very popular in Oman- This is the most popular soft drink among Omanis, so it is difficult to find any other soda. You won’t easily find a CocaCola product, for example.

  • Alcohol can only be bought with a license- Most Muslim people do not drink alcohol. To purchase alcohol, it is necessary to have a permit that is issued by the police.

  • Oman Is one of the biggest Oil exporters- Oman is a major oil exporter. It has a large reserve, which has long been a significant component of the country’s GDP.

  • There are, many ancient Souks in Oman-Souks, are markets that can be found all over Oman. You can buy everything from food to crafts, and its predominant ancient architecture is impressive.

  • There are date palms in Oman-There are approximately eight million palm trees in Oman, and the most frequent variety is reddish brown.

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