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Apply today for the Colombia Check-MIG with us!

Last updated: November 2023

Are you planning an adventure to Colombia, the land where the warmth of its people is matched only by the richness of its culture? The Check-MIG Form is your first step towards immersing yourself in this South American gem.

This document serves as Colombia's health declaration and arrival card, requiring all visitors to disclose their health information before arrival. At iVisa, we've transformed the process of completing the Check-MIG Form into a seamless, hassle-free experience.

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What is the Colombia Check-MIG Form?

The online Check-MIG Form (Check Migración Colombia) is a must-have travel document for anyone heading to Colombia.

It’s a type of arrival card with a focus on your health status. You'll need to fill out details about your health as well as your travel and personal details.

The pre-registration is meant to speed up the immigration control process. Remember to fill it out before you go – it's a key part of your trip prep!

Who must apply for the Colombia Check-MIG Form?

All foreign travelers must apply for this mandatory document 24 - 72 hours before arriving in Colombia.

At iVisa, we provide a handy service that allows you to apply any time before your departure. Once you’ve submitted your details, we’ll process your document and send it over by email.

Remember that the Check-MIG Colombia form is not a visa. Use our handy Visa Checker Tool to find out if you need a Colombian visa or if you have visa-free entry.

Are minors required to fill in the Check-MIG Form for Colombia?

Yes, children/minors must also complete the form. Parents or legal guardians can do it on behalf of their children, or add them to their own Check-MIG form for convenience.

Validity of the Colombia Check-MIG Form

The form is valid for Single Entry only. You must complete one each time you enter or leave the country.

Colombia Check-MIG Form: Required documents

Applying for the Colombian health declaration form is pretty straightforward. Here's what you need:

  • A clear scan of your passport: It must be valid for at least 6 months after you arrive in Colombia.

  • Travel information, flight dates, flight number, and airline details: You must book your flights before applying for your Colombia Check-MIG form.

  • Up-to-date information about your health status.

You’ll receive the form by email. We recommend printing it out and keeping it close for the immigration check at your port of entry.

How to apply for the Colombia Check-MIG Form

Your Colombia Check-MIG application can be done in less than 10 minutes when you apply through our handy online platform or user-friendly app.

  • Step 1: Start by filling out your personal and travel details on our website.

  • Step 2: Double-check all your details for accuracy and use a credit or debit card to pay the processing fees.

  • Step 3: Complete the rest of the application and submit it. Wait for the completed document to arrive in your inbox!

Make sure to apply 24 to 72 hours before you enter Colombia. If you’re applying through us, you can do it even earlier. We will process your form as soon as possible for your peace of mind!

Check-MIG Form fees and processing times

You’ll receive the immigration registration form in 24 hours when you use our service. However, if you choose to apply well in advance of your travel date, there’ll be a delay as we wait for your application window to open.

While there is no government fee for this form, we’ll process it for you for a fee of USD $53.99.

Our experts will meticulously review your form and ensure that it’s in perfect order before your journey!

Do I need the Check-MIG Form to transit in Colombia?

The Check-MIG form is not mandatory for internal flights in Colombia, including transit flights.

Colombia entry requirements or restrictions

Colombia has lifted all restrictions regarding COVID-19. You don’t need to present a vaccination certificate or test to visit the country.

Make sure to check all other entry requirements, such as passport validity, visa requirements, and other rules with your airline before you go.

Need more info about the Colombia Check-MIG Form?

If you have questions about the form or other travel documents for Colombia, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team by online chat or on WhatsApp. Our experts will be happy to help!

Required Documents to Apply

  • None

Important Instructions

  • The Colombia Check-MIG Form is a single-entry travel document that you need to enter the country.

  • The Colombia Check-MIG Form DOES NOT replace a visa.

  • If your country requires a visa, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • With iVisa you can apply 100% online in less than 20 minutes.

  • Your passport needs to be valid for your stay to apply for the Check-MIG Form.

  • All travelers must fill out the Colombia Check-MIG Form.

  • Children also need this form to enter the country and can be added to their parent/guardian’s check MIG form

  • We advise you to apply 3 days in advance.

  • iVisa is a legitimate company and is accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For more information see FAQs below.


No worries. Contact our customer team as soon as possible and they will be happy to help you resolve the problem. Our visa experts are available 24/7.

iVisa reviews your documents and assists you during the application process to avoid rejection. But if the Colombian government rejects or cancels your application, you are eligible for a full refund of the iVisa processing fee, related to the number of rejected applicants. Other than that, we do not refund the government fees.

You may consider re-applying for the Colombia Check-MIG form, depending on the reasons for cancellation or rejection.

If you realize you made a mistake in the form and need to edit it, you should contact our customer support team as soon as possible to help you solve the problem. Remember, your application will always be reviewed by our experts, so you can count on our team to notify you if something is missing before the submission.
Yes, the Colombia Check-MIG form is mandatory for all passengers entering and leaving the country. So you may be denied entry or exit from Colombia without this document.
At iVisa, we understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to provide you with the fastest service possible. Our processing times are estimated based on the average duration it takes governments to process visa applications. These estimated times begin from the moment we receive all the correct information for your application until you receive your visa. While we work diligently to expedite the process, it’s important to note that we are reliant on the processing times set by the government authorities.
  • iVisa is NOT affiliated with any government agency. This site does not provide legal advice and we are not a law firm. None of our customer service representatives are lawyers and they also do not provide legal advice. We are a private, internet-based travel and immigration consultancy provider dedicated to helping individuals travel around the world. You may apply by yourself directly on the various government websites. The source of information: https://www.migracioncolombia.gov.co/

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