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eVisas complete guide: Definition, process, requirements & more
iVisa | 5 min read | Updated on Nov 30, 2023

So, you're excited about traveling the world, but the idea of dealing with visa paperwork has you feeling a bit frazzled? Good news! Many countries are moving towards digitizing their visa processes with eVisas, which means less hassle and more time for you to plan your trip.

Whether you're an avid adventurer or a frequent business traveler, getting to your destination just got a whole lot easier!

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What is an eVisa? A simple definition

It’s all in the name! An eVisa, short for electronic visa, is almost exactly the same as a standard visa, except the application process is completed 100% online.

Instead of a passport stamp or sticker, your eVisa is linked to your passport via a digital system. Sometimes you’ll have to show a printed or digital copy of your eVisa on arrival, depending on where you’re going.

Say goodbye to endless visits to embassies or consulates. Just apply online, get the thumbs-up, and enjoy your stay. Simple as that!

The benefits of using eVisas for travel

Discover the ease of travel with an eVisa:

  • Leave paper troubles behind: Say goodbye to paper application forms - it's all online.

  • Effortless and easy: Apply from your couch on your mobile device. No more embassy visits!

  • Speedy processing: Save time and get approved faster, so you can travel sooner.

  • Stay in the loop: Get real-time updates about your application status and get notified when you’re good to go.

  • Convenience at your fingertips: Show it on your smartphone at the border.

How do eVisas work? A step-by-step process

Now that you know what an eVisa is, how do you apply for an eVisa, and what do you do when it’s approved? Here's a basic rundown of how eVisas work.

Online application

Getting an eVisa is pretty much the same as booking a hotel or flight online. Just fill out your personal details and travel plans - all online.

Document submission

No hassle with paper forms, printing documents, and losing important files. Simply upload all the required documents in one convenient spot.


Choose from a range of safe and convenient payment options, such as a debit or credit card, PayPal, Venmo, and more.

Receive the eVisa confirmation

Once you hit the submit button, the government will review it and let you know when it's approved. The eVisa is linked to your passport digitally, without the need for a stamp or sticker.

Print and travel

Depending on your destination, your eVisa status will be known to immigration on arrival. Show a printed copy or present it on your mobile device. It's that easy!

Top countries that offer eVisas

Many countries are now offering eVisas, which is transforming the way we travel. Here are some popular destinations that have embraced the eVisa system!


India offers eVisas for tourists, business travelers, and medical visitors for travelers from all over the world. Find out more about the India Tourist eVisa.


Turkey's all about convenience with its online eVisa system for tourists. Simply apply for the Turkey eVisa with us.


The Land Down Under offers eVisitor visas for tourists and business travelers from certain countries. Get your Australia eVisitor Visa from the comfort of your own home.


Thailand’s on board with eVisas too, making it easier for tourists to visit the country. Complete the Thailand Tourist eVisa application without visiting an embassy or consulate!

eVisas vs. traditional visas: Key differences

Let's break down the main differences between eVisas and traditional visas.

Traditional Visas eVisas
Process Think paperwork and It’s all online!
embassy visits.
Time Needs some patience as it A speedier option to
can take longer due to get your approval.
manual processing.
Fees Can be a little harsher on Typically lower
your bank account. application fees.
Validity Range from months to years. A few weeks to
Can sometimes be extended multiple months. Can
via an immigration office. usually be extended online.

Essential eVisa requirements and documents

The requirements for eVisas can differ from country to country, but in most cases, they're way simpler than traditional visas. You’ll generally need:

  • A copy of your passport: There’s no need to send in your original passport. As a rule of thumb, make sure it has at least six months of validity and two blank pages left.

  • Personal details: They want to know who is coming! You’ll fill out your personal details online, such as your name, date of birth, travel dates, and contact info.

  • Proof of onward travel: Most countries require you to have a return ticket or proof of booked transport to another destination.

  • Photo: Sometimes you’ll need to upload a recent passport photo.

Other eVisa requirements

Every country's got its own rules. Some other things you might need are supporting documents related to your travel purpose, such as booked tours, planned business events, or medical certificates.

Common myths and misconceptions about eVisas

While eVisas have gained popularity in recent years for their convenience and efficiency in simplifying the visa application process. Let's address some common myths and misconceptions:

  • Not safe: False! eVisas often come with robust encryption and security measures to protect your personal information and payment details.

  • They’re expensive: Nope! While most eVisas have processing fees, they usually save you money compared to traditional visa applications, which often involve travel to embassies or consulates.

  • Take long to process: On the contrary! eVisas are known for their quick processing times. In many cases, you can receive your visa within a few weeks or even hours.

  • Have limited validity: Not necessarily! eVisas typically give enough time to explore the country, and most can be easily extended or renewed online, allowing for flexible travel plans.

  • Made for tourists: Misconception! Most countries offer eVisas for various purposes, including holidays, business trips, medical visits, and family reunions.

  • Are complicated: Myth! eVisas are designed to be extra user-friendly and accessible. However, we understand that the process can get confusing, and that’s why we make it even simpler.

Why choose iVisa for your eVisa needs?

While eVisas are designed to simplify things, we get that applying through a government website can still be a bit tricky. That’s where we come in.

Choosing iVisa for your eVisa needs is a smart move, and here's why:

  • We keep it simple: Even if you're a first-time traveler, you'll breeze through the visa application process with our simplified processes.

  • Apply from anywhere: Forget embassy visits – get your eVisa online from anywhere with our user-friendly iVisa app.

  • We know our stuff: With over a decade of experience, we're your all-in-one solution for visa processing and passport renewals.

  • Help when you need it: We’ve got your back with top-notch customer support, guiding you through every step.

  • Your data is safe: We take your personal info seriously, with strong encryption and data protection.

  • Stay updated: We provide real-time updates and notifications, ensuring you’re always in the know about your visa order.

  • No surprises: You'll love our clear pricing and simple instructions, so no hidden fees during the application process.

In a nutshell, iVisa is your ticket to stress-free eVisa services, making your travel plans a whole lot easier!

  • iVisa is NOT affiliated with any government agency. This site does not provide legal advice and we are not a law firm. None of our customer service representatives are lawyers and they also do not provide legal advice. We are a private, internet-based travel and immigration consultancy provider dedicated to helping individuals travel around the world. You may apply by yourself directly on the various government websites. For government source information, please visit our product pages.

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