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Australia Visitor Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens

Australia Visitor Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens
iVisa | Updated on Jan 16, 2023

Traveling from Bangladesh to Australia is an adventure. As you prepare to enter this dreamy destination, check out all the requirements for a hassle-free entry. Citizens of Bangladesh can opt for the Australia Visitor Visa and enjoy tourism and business activities in Australia. The Australia Visa is available for you. Please keep reading for more details that will help you get it now.

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Enter Australia with the Australia Visitor Visa

It's time to explore the proper visa documentation you need for your trip to Australia. The good news is that iVisa has all the tools to help you fill out the visa application form to get an Australian Visa. Don't worry about anything because we will guide you through the online steps.

What is the Australia Visitor Visa?

The Australia Visitor Visa is a mandatory document for Bangladeshi citizens to visit Australia for tourism or business reasons. The visa allows Multiple Entry to Australia. It's valid for 1 year after arrival and permits maximum stays of 3, 6, and 12 months depending on your application. Aside from the Australia Visa, you must follow the guidelines related to the pandemic.

Suppose you require a different visa, like a student visa (when you plan to study for more than three months in Australia). In that case, you must approach the Australian embassy or consulate for further details.

Australia Visitor Visa fee for Bangladeshi citizens: Processing time

Bangladeshi travelers can choose the following service:

  • Standard Processing Time: The Australia Visa will be yours in 30 days for USD $256.49. The price includes the service fee.

Let our platform help you with your travel needs and visit Australia soon. Remember that this service includes visa fees charged by the Australian government.

How long does it take to get an Australian visa from Bangladesh?

It could take up to 4 months to get the Australian Visa if you follow the regular path most travelers do. However, iVisa offers it in only 30 days. If your trip is around the corner, apply for the visa now.

What documents do I need when entering Australia?

You only need your passport. After you get the Australia Visitor Visa, the document will be linked to your valid passport. Use the same passport you used for the visa application, so you don't have issues with the visa officer on your arrival in Australia. You can also carry a hard copy of the Australian visa to feel more confident when entering the country.

What are the requirements for the visa application?

Make sure to have the required documentation before starting the application. Check the documents:

  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months. Send a scan of the pages that have immigration stamps.

  • National ID scan or image.

  • Photo of the applicant.

  • Supporting documents. After you send your application, Australian authorities could request financial documents, employment proof, a travel itinerary, and more. The proper visa documentation depends on the reason for your trip. Get the documents stating why you're traveling to Australia.

  • A credit or debit card to pay for the service on the platform.

  • An email address to receive the Australian visas.

Depending on your application, Australian immigration services could request additional document submissions to support your visa application. You will receive a confirmation email stating where you need to leave your documentation and have a medical exam. Don't worry; iVisa will provide all the details.

What are the steps to get an Australia Visa?

The Australian visa application process consists of three steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the application form with your personal details. Pick a processing time.

  • Step 2: Double-check your details and pay with a credit or debit card.

  • Step 3: Attach the required documents (if applicable) and send your application.

You won't need to go to the Australian Visa application center during the application. You will confirm it once the experts check your pre-application document screening. Still, you may need to take a phone call to continue the process and provide biometric information. Expect an email with the Australia Visitor Visa. Remember that it is linked to the passport you use for the application.

Visit Australia

Australia offers an incredible array of tourist attractions and a relaxing vibe. Explore the most popular sites:

Blue Mountains National Park

The majestic landscape with eucalyptus trees emitting a blue haze will make you want to stay forever. The park extends 664,000 acres offering gorges, waterfalls, rock paintings, and hiking trails. Don't miss the towering sandstone rock formation known as the Three Sisters. Also, you can explore the Katoomba Scenic Railway, which takes you on an unforgettable trip down the Jamison Valley. Other outdoor activities you can enjoy are rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding.


Melbourne must be on your list when visiting Australia. It's the second-largest city in Australia and offers many cultural activities within its galleries, theaters, shops, and restaurants. You will love the European feel and the sophisticated atmosphere. First, visit the green spaces, which feature extraordinary gardens and parks. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria and discover local artwork or see a performance at the Arts Center Melbourne. In addition, you can head to the Ian Potter Gallery and the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI). If you want a close encounter with nature, opt for the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Do I need to get the vaccine?

No! There is no longer a need to show a vaccine certificate to enter Australia. All you need is an electronic visa for your tourism activities.

Do I need to quarantine?

No! There are no further quarantine restrictions related to the pandemic. You also don't need to wear a mask on international flights. Enjoy Australia now.

Where can I get more information?

Contact our customer service agents for more details about the Australian declaratory visa and any other doubts about entering Australia. You can ask them any questions you may have about the visa application form and the tourist visa at any time.