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As COVID-19 evolves, the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong has been looking for alternatives to allow travelers to keep visiting Hong Kong in a safe way. For that reason, its Department of Health has implemented a new travel document called Electronic Health Declaration Form. This form must be presented by every person traveling to Hong Kong in order to guarantee they meet the conditions to enter this region. Lufthansa is distributing this Hong Kong Health Declaration to passengers in all their flights to Hong Kong. However, here at iVisa you can obtain your Hong Kong Health Declaration before your flight in order to avoid any unexpected inconvenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I've decided to apply for the Health Declaration, what documents do I need to have?

Awesome choice! Well, we will need the following in order to process your application:

  • None

How long does it take to get this document and how much would it costs?

Based on the processing speed you choose, the time and cost will change. Find more details below:

  • Standard Processing: On this level, we'll process your Health Declaration in 3 Business Days. Our service fee here is USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing: Here it will take 2 Business Days to process your application. Furthermore, the cost will be USD 30.00.
  • Super Rush Processing: We recommend this one if your travel is really urgent. We’ll process your order in 1 Business Day. The service fee increases to USD 55.00 but it worth it.

How can I apply for the Hong Kong Health Declaration?

Simple. Just click here to apply and follow these steps:

  • Complete the questions with your information and then select the processing speed you prefer.
  • Give a quick review to your application before making the payment.

Will it take me long to submit my application?

It will be faster than you think. Start here and you'll be ready in 5 minutes!

How many times can I use my Hong Kong Health Declaration?

This form is valid for one use only.

Is iVisa a good option to process my Hong Kong Health Declaration?

Of course we are! We have been helping persons to obtain their travel documents for 8 years now. Furthermore, our forms are really simple to fill and we work hard to deliver your travel document on time. We make sure to process your application according to the government’s regulations to assure its approval. Nonetheless, bear in mind that the final response depends on the government's processing.

I have more questions, where can I contact you?

You can chat with us or give us a call to +1 (786) 460-2707 (8am-8pm EST). Also, please feel free to send us an e-mail to help@ivisa.com.

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