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As a measure to stop the spread of the novel COVID-19, the Department of Health from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has released the Electronic Health Declaration Form. Now, travelers who want to visit Hong Kong must present this document upon their arrival. These forms are distributed to passengers on all American Airlines' flights going to Hong Kong. Nonetheless, since we know this document may be difficult to complete, here at iVisa we give you the choice to apply online for this Hong Kong Health Declaration in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What documents do I need to have in order to submit my application?

We need you to have the following document valid:

  • None

How many days take to obtain the Hong Kong Health Declaration and how much do I have to pay for it?

Both will depend on the processing speed you prefer. Below, you will find listed the three speeds we offer:

  • Standard Processing: It will take 3 Business Days to process your Health Declaration. Plus, our service fee here is USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing: On our next processing speed, you will get your certificate in 2 Business Days. Here our fee will be USD 30.00
  • Super Rush Processing: If you have to travel fast, then this is the one for you. Here we’ll process your application in 1 Business Day. The service fee of USD 55.00 may sound a little higher but you won't regret choosing this option.

How can I apply for the Hong Kong Health Declaration?

It's really simple. Just start filling your application here and follow as stated below:

  • Fill basic information about yourself and select the processing speed most suitable for you.
  • Then, review your application to verify everything is correct and proceed with the payment.

How much time will I spend submitting my application?

You will have your application faster than you think. Start now by clicking here.

How many times can I use the Hong Kong Health Certificate?

Since this document works as a health statement, it's only valid for one use.

Why should I choose you to apply for my Hong Kong Health Declaration?

Our specialty is to process travel documents for our customers. We have a vast range of products for multiple countries. Help travelers to obtain their Visas in the shortest period of time is our goal. Not only that, though the approval depends entirely on the government, we make sure to process your application according to their regulations.

Where can I contact you if I require further assistance?

You can chat with us by clicking here or talk with one of our agent in this number +1 (786) 460-2707 (8am-8pm EST). If you prefer to send an e-mail, here it's our address help@ivisa.com.

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