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Saint Lucia is a British Commonwealth nation, located in the Caribbean. As with most Caribbean islands, you can expect tropical weather on its stunning beaches. Saint Lucia is almost entirely dependent on tourism, so needless to say, they are well outfitted for all sorts of guests. On one of the many resorts, spas, and luxury hotels, you're sure to have a lovely time.

Before packing your bags, you need to see if you require a visa. As mentioned above, Saint Lucia is a British Commonwealth nation and not a British Overseas Territory. This means that Saint Lucia has its own visa policy. Even so, the rules are pretty lenient, and you may get a visa easier than you think. There are three categories of travelers:

1: Citizens of some nations who can travel to Saint Lucia without a visa and stay between 15 to 180 days, depending on nationality. A few nationalities can stay indefinitely. All that is required upon arrival is a passport, and in some cases, an ID card is sufficient.

2: People from certain countries who can obtain a visa on arrival once they get to Saint Lucia. There are 50 such nationalities, and the document grants a 6-week stay.

3: Travelers who are not visa exempt or eligible for a visa on arrival. As a result, they need to go to the nearest Saint Lucia diplomatic mission and submit an application there. The process may be a bit more tedious than getting a visa online or a visa on arrival, but that is the current rule.

NOTE: the official and most widely used language in Saint Lucia is English, although you may hear some locals speaking French patois.

Saint Lucia offers many attractions for tourists. One of the most popular attractions in Saint Lucia is the 'Pitons'. And no, they are not two giant French snakes. They are actually unique rock formations made from ancient volcanic plugs. The location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Pitons are even depicted on Saint Lucia’s national flag. Not to mention that they offer spectacular scenery.

Another thing that you cannot miss while in Saint Lucia is the Sulfur Springs. If you visit Saint Lucia can bathe in the hot springs, go snorkeling, scuba diving, and if you're a bit adventurous, zip lines are available in multiple locations.

As for food and drink, you will not be disappointed. The cuisine is heavy on fish, vegetables, fruit, and rice. You must try the coal pot while there. It's a traditional Carib dish that all tourists love. It is served in most restaurants, so you cannot miss it. When it comes to alcohol, local rum is the beverage of choice.

The bottom line is that Saint Lucia is gorgeous. There are plenty of things to do and to see. We think you'll have a lovely time.

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