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Mexico Visa for the citizens of Sweden

Mexico Visa for the citizens of Sweden
iVisa | Updated on Jun 24, 2019

As a Swedish citizen, you do not need to apply for a consular visa whenever you want to travel to Mexico for tourism purposes. You are visa exempt. On the other hand, you must purchase a Mexico tourist card, also named Forma Migratoria Multiple. You can fill in an application on the plane on your way to Mexico, or you can get the card on arrival. However, with iVisa, you can get it online before departure in just 30 minutes.

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Mexico Visa for the citizens of Sweden – requirements

Fortunately, the online process of obtaining a Mexico tourist card is not very demanding. You will need just a few things, and you should not struggle to acquire them. Here is what you must have at your disposal:

  • Valid passport – you cannot get a Forma Migratoria Multiple unless you hold a passport. Plus, the visa policy of Mexico requires that the passport should be valid for at least another 6 months from your date of arrival in Mexico.
  • Flight ticket – remember that this requirement applies only to tourists who decide to travel by air. The flight number is what matters. People who travel by car do not need a substitute document.
  • E-mail address – as you can imagine, when you apply online for your tourist card, the document arrives via e-mail in PDF format. You must remember to print it out before departure. We recommend more than one physical copy. Also, just in case your FMM gets lost or stolen, make sure to have the FMM number written down somewhere.
  • Means of payment – when you apply online, the payment must be made online too. As to that, iVisa is pretty flexible. You can pay using a credit or a debit card, but PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat are also acceptable.

Mexico Visa for the citizens of Sweden – the online application form

Now that you know what you need, we will describe the application form for you so that you know what to expect when you go to the application page. But keep in mind that iVisa’ provides non-stop customer support is you need some help. The service does not charge.

When you access the application page, you will notice that the form consists of three steps. During the first one, you must provide your personal information. It is also the moment when you must disclose your means of travel to Mexico and select a processing timeframe for your application. Both factors establish the cost of your Mexico tourist card. When it comes to processing, you are given the following options:

  • Standard processing – this is the most commonly preferred option because it is the cheapest. Your application is processed within 24 hours, and you are charged only $20.
  • Rush processing – if you wish for faster processing, you can select this one. It takes 6 hours for your Mexico tourist card to arrive, and the fee is $40.
  • Super Rush processing – this time, your application is processed within just 30 minutes, but the fee gets a bit higher. You will be charged $60.

When you travel by car, the cost of your Mexico tourist card differs. You will be charged an additional $29 for each processing time.

The second step wants you to handle the payment and review the contents of your form, while the third gives you instructions on how to upload a few supporting documents. When you are done, submit your application, and iVisa will deliver your tourist card in the timeframe you agreed on.

As you can see, the online process of getting a Mexico tourist card for the citizens of Sweden is close to effortless. The document you are sent can be used for a single entry, and it remains valid for 180 days after your arrival in Mexico.

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