Mexico visa policy
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Visa policy for Mexico

A visa is an important travel authorization document that enables you to travel from one country to another. The visa policy for Mexico refers to the rules and regulations for foreigners who will need a visa to visit Mexico. This document can allow you to remain in the country, enter the country and leave the country.

As per Mexico visa policy, the visa is issued by the National Migration Institute. Any foreign national that wishes to enter Mexico will need the Visa however, members of 68 countries are exempt from the visa entry rule.

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All visitors traveling to Mexico will need the FMM tourist card to enter the country, even those who do not need the Mexico visa as per the Mexico visa policy. The FMM is an electronic entry authorization that can enable your stay in Mexico for a wide variety of reasons like leisure, business, entertainment, tourism, and much more.

Visa requirements for travelers visiting Mexico vary from individual to individual. Their visa application is affected by a wide variety of factors like their nationality, duration of stay, and the purpose of their visit to Mexico.

Mexico has an array of options for travelers as for Mexico visa policy. People from many nationalities are eligible to apply via electronic visas and travel authorizations that can be availed online.

If your stay in Mexico is longer than a normal tourist period (ranging from 30 to 180 days), you will have to apply to the Mexican embassy and obtain a consular visa. As per the current guidelines, all travelers do require a visa to enter Mexico.

However, there are some special arrangements for people of certain nationalities that are exempt from the visa as per Mexico visa policy.

You can go through the sections below to know more about the Mexico visa policy. Here is a comprehensive guide to your visa application process.

Tourist visa policy for Mexico

Foreign nationals can visit Mexico for a vacation and for other tourist purposes. Your eligibility for the Mexico visa depends upon your nationality.

All tourists visiting Mexico have to apply for the FMM online tourist card. They can only gain access to the country by land or air after they have received an approved FMM tourist card. The Mexico FMM or Mexico tourist card is a tourist permit that can enable you to enter and stay in Mexico for up to 180 days. Most importantly, the FMM is a single-entry travel authorization and works very differently from a regular visa.

As per Mexico visa policy, citizens of three nationalities can register for their FMM tourist card via the Electronic Authorization System or the EAS. They will be able to receive an eVisa that can allow them to visit Mexico for tourism in addition to their approved FMM tourist card.

In addition, as per Mexico visa policy, around 170 nationalities have to apply to the Mexican embassy to obtain their visa for tourism and to extend their travel. This can be done via their nearest Mexico embassy or its branches.

Travelers visiting Mexico will need other additional documents as well. You cannot enter Mexico without a valid passport. You must also make sure that the passport has a validity of up to 6 months from your date of departure for Mexico.

To apply for the FMM tourist card, all visitors will need the passport, an active email ID to receive all your documents and a valid debit/credit card to process your payment fees. apply for an FMM tourist card for your trip to Mexico today

Sistema de Autorización Electrónica

As mentioned above, there are many ways to obtain travel authorization for your trip to Mexico. As per Mexico visa policy, one can also apply via the Mexican Electronic Authorization System also known as the SAE. This online system can provide e-authorization for travelers from eligible nationalities.

There are certain countries whose citizens can obtain the approved SAE travel authorization and enter Mexico if they are traveling via air to enter Mexico. This authorization is valid if you are visiting Mexico for transit, tourism, or business purposes without an approved consular visa for Mexico.

The SAE travel authorization is valid for 30 days from the date of its issue. In addition, as per Mexico visa policy, this authorization is only valid for single entry usage. Once you enter Mexico, you can stay there for 180 days from the date of your arrival with the help of your approved SEA.

The SEA is not valid for those that are traveling to Mexico via land or by sea. This is also not valid if you are traveling via a non-participating airline. Those who are traveling via land or sea will need a Mexican visa or another valid third-party visa to enter Mexico.

Click here to know more about the Mexican visa. The full list of countries whose citizens can obtain an electronic SAE:

Turkey Russia Ukraine Countries that hold a Schengen visa *People who have a USA visa

  • People who have a UK visa
  • People who have a Canadian visa
  • People who have a Japanese visa

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Consular Visa

According to Mexico visa policy, visitors from around 170 countries require a consular visa to enter Mexico regardless of the length of stay or purpose behind the trip. Members with these specific nationalities will need a travel document to enter Mexico.

The Mexican embassy issues different types of visas depending upon the duration of your stay and the purpose of your stay. You will have to indicate the duration and purpose in your application form for a Mexico visa.

You will be required to attach the corresponding supporting documents to avail of the visa as per Mexico visa policy. These documents would include your accommodation details, flight tickets, and bank statement.

Visa Requirements Checker

You can go through the visa requirements checker available on to check if your nationality is eligible for an FMM tourist card or SAE for your stay in Mexico. You can also check if your nationality is exempt from a consular visa for the duration of your stay in Mexico.

visa requirements checker

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