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AMERICAN SAMOA IS CLOSED: American Samoa is not open for tourism.

The American Samoa Health Clearance Form is an online document that all passengers are advised to fill in at least 21 days before the planned travel time. This document will allow travelers to visit American Samoa during the COVID-19 pandemic without any issues.

The American Samoa Health Clearance Form will be issued for all travelers who wish to visit the country, regardless of whether they are traveling by air or by sea. This document is available through an online form.

iVisa.com can help you to get the American Samoa Health Clearance Form easily and quickly. For that, you must fill out an online form.

Be aware that all travelers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis before being granted permission to visit Samoa. It’s necessary to have a Medical Clearance signed within 120 hours of departure. Lastly, you also need a valid passport and an email address to receive all the information related to this process.

Once the application process is complete, we’ll send this document straight to your email before you start your trip, so you’ll be able to show it to the border control officers once you arrive in the country.

Keep reading the information below to see the specific testing and quarantine rules for American Samoa.

Required Documents to Apply
  • Supporting Document

  • Proof of Residence (if applicable)

  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Important Instructions
  • All travelers entering, regardless of their nationality, age, or any other consideration, must carry their American Samoa Health Clearance Form.

It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • At the airport, you must show the deliverable that we will bring you, in order to pass the health check established by the Health Authorities.

  • It is highly recommended that you keep your delivery with you as a hard copy in case of any system failure, plus a part of this must be completed by a doctor.

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Yes, you do. In order to enter American Samoa, you’ll need to display your COVID vaccine passport or vaccination certificate. This applies to travelers from 5 years old and over.
  • COVID test prior to arrival: PCR within 72 hours
    • COVID test exemptions: Travelers from the United States and Samoa do not need a pre-departure test.
  • COVID on arrival: All travelers will be tested on arrival.
  • Quarantine requirements: Travelers who test positive are required to quarantine for 5 days at a DOH isolation facility.

Apply for your American Samoa Health Clearance Form on this link.

The American Samoa Health Clearance Form is a travel document that all travelers must have on hand before traveling to American Samoa. This way, the authorities in the country will be able to track travelers easily in case of a COVID-19 outbreak. Start your application here.

This health form DOES NOT replace a visa. Hence, if you need a visa to visit American Samoa, the immigration officers will ask for it as soon as you arrive in the country. If you have to get a paper visa, we recommend you go to the nearest embassy.

Yes, it is mandatory. All travelers visiting American Samoa will have to fill in the American Samoa Health Clearance Form before crossing the border, including passengers in the transit area.
Yes, children under 18 years and ALL those exempted from vaccination as per the country of origin-specific COVID-19 vaccination policy are required to fill out the American Samoa Health Clearance Form. They must also be accompanied by a written report from a registered medical officer stating the reason for exemption.
Our pricing for the American Samoa Health Clearance Form changes depending on how fast you want to obtain it with iVisa.com:
  • Standard Processing Time: 24 hours - USD 27.99
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 49.49
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 79.99

All passengers are encouraged to fill in the American Samoa Health Clearance Form at least 21 days before planning their trip. We recommend getting ready to receive this document as we can guide you through the entire process so that you have no issues while applying.

Get your health clearance form now and forget about having to check if you’re qualified to apply.

To obtain your American Samoa Health Clearance Form on time, you’ll have to fill in an online application form.

Once the online form is ready, you will receive the American Samoa Health Clearance Form via email. Please be aware that you’ll need a negative PCR COVID-19 test result and a Medical Clearance. The Medical Clearance must be signed within 120 hours of departure to Samoa.

Applying will take you no more than 15 minutes.
You can use the American Samoa Health Clearance Form only once. If you have to leave the country and enter again, you’ll need to apply for a new one.
Yes, the American Samoa Health Clearance Form is available for free. Nonetheless, applying for this document with iVisa.com and having it on hand before your trip to American Samoa is an excellent idea to save yourself lots of time. Also, keep in mind that at iVisa.com you can fill in the online application form in any language you prefer, and our team of experts will always ensure that your application doesn’t have any issues.
Yes, feel free to contact us via chat if you have any doubts about the process. Our customer service center is always ready to help you. Chat with them now.
You can learn more about the American Samoa Health Clearance Form here.
American Samoa is a beautiful country that greets visitors with a large number of attractions. Among these amazing attractions, the National Park of American Samoa is one of the best places to visit during your trip. This Park covers different parts of three different islands. It is one of the most remote and undeveloped parks in the world that is located in the south of the equator. To get into this national park, you have to plan in advance a trip to the park areas on Ta’u and Ofu Islands. You can visit this park to have a blissful day with your loved ones. You will love the tranquility and beautiful ambiance of this national park. Another stunning location that is worth your visit during your trip to American Samoa is Fagatele Bay, which is located on the island of Tutuila. This gorgeous location is a part of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. Around one hundred and sixty-eight species of coral and two hundred and seventy-one species of fish have been protected in this most diverse US marine sanctuary system. This warm-water Bay is formed by a collapsed volcanic crater. If you love snorkeling, you can also plan a visit to Fogama’a Bay and Crater, which is also a part of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa and is located in the east of Fagatele Bay. It is formed by a flooded volcanic crater. For snorkeling in shallow reefs and clear water, you need to bring your own gear. You can also go hiking to the bay that features crashing waves, rocky cliffs, and natural blowholes. You cannot miss visiting Aunu’s Island during your trip as this tiny island has a lot of things to discover including rainforests and taro plantations. To reach this island, you have to board a boat from the village of Auasi on Tutuila. You can also see the National Natural Landmark that is the largest freshwater marsh in American Samoa, the Faimulivai Marsh. Visiting Ofu Beach is a once in a lifetime experience. You can go hiking, snorkeling, and relax on this beach to spend your vacation in the best possible way. There are very limited flights to Ofu Beach. So, you have to plan your trip in advance. You can also visit this beach by using boat transport. For hiking lovers, Mount Alava Adventure Trail is the perfect option as it offers the best views of Pago Pago Harbor. You can start your hike from the village of Vatia. This is a 5.6-kilometer-long trail that harbors through the plantations and rainforest. If you love food and have an interest in tasting different food items of a different location, you cannot leave the country without visiting Tisa’s Barefoot Bar & Marine Sanctuary. You will love the traditional food of American Samoa available in this restaurant. This is a unique combination of beachfront bar and marine sanctuary. You can also plan an overnight stay on the beach in an eco-fale or house. Another amazing destination that must be added to your travel itinerary is the World War II Heritage Trail. During World War II, American Samoa had played an important role. To learn more about the enthralling history of wartime, you can hike the World War II Heritage Trail in the National Park. You can take a break at the Blunts Point and Breakers Point to get the panoramic views of Pago Pago Harbor and see two intact war-era cannons that protected the harbor once. Another beautiful and remote village on Tutuila is A’oloau that is located at 400 meters high altitude. You can also visit the trail to Massacre Bay that is named after the attack between native Samoans and French explorers. To visit American Samoa, you need to follow all the latest rules and regulations. The primary thing you have to do is to communicate with the Samoa Health Authorities about your travel plans twenty-one days prior to your trip. Also, if you have recovered from COVID-19, you must submit two negative test reports for Coronavirus post-infection. As per the latest rules, you cannot enter the Quarantine site until twenty-eight days after the second negative test report of Coronavirus showing that you have cleared the virus. You must submit a negative test report for Coronavirus that must be performed within seventy-two hours of the travel date. You should also submit the American Samoa Health Clearance Form within 120 hours of your departure time. It is important to keep the hard copy of the American Samoa Health Clearance Form as you will need it upon arrival in the country. You need to quarantine depending on the country of origin and flight details. To get your American Samoa Health Clearance Form, you can get help from iVisa.com. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you at every step of the application. You just have to fill out an application form available on our website. You just need a few minutes to complete this form. You have to choose the processing option depending on your travel plans. Then, our experts will review your application and ask you to make modifications if needed. You will obtain your document online and print it. We offer three options for the processing cost and time. You can choose the one that suits your requirements. You can go for the Standard Processing Option if you have sufficient time as this option takes a few days and is the cheapest option. If you need your document a bit faster, you can choose the Rush Processing Option and get your document at a bit higher rate. You can select the Super Rush Processing Option if you need your document urgently. This is the most expensive option. You will need a few items to get your documents. These items are a valid passport, a valid email address, and a way to pay like a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. You can trust iVisa.com to obtain the American Samoa Health Clearance Form as we assure the safety of your confidential data with our advanced security system. To get more information, you can contact our customer care executives or visit our webpage.