Australia Visa for Canadian Citizens

Australia Visa for Canadian Citizens
| Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Canadians are lucky to hold one of the strongest passports in the world currently, ranked at number 5 on Arton Capital’s Passport Index. Canadians can enter up to 154 countries without obtaining a visa beforehand, and with at least 67 percent of Canadians holding valid passports, it’s a nation of keen travelers. However, Canadians must adhere to certain rules and regulations to enter certain countries. Below, this article will detail the visa process for Canadians traveling to Australia. Start to apply here.

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Do Canadian Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to Australia?

Canadian passport holders must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before entering Australia.

How Long can Canadian Citizens Stay in Australia?

The ETA grants Canadian passport holders multiple trips, not exceeding 90 days each, to Australia within a year, though multiple entries are granted at the immigration officer’s discretion.

Australia Visa for Canadians Fees and Costs

The ETA is free for Canadian citizens and remains valid for one year starting from the issue date. The application process can be difficult in certain situations, and any errors may result in denial of entry into the country.

Australia Visa for Canadians Requirements

Canadians must hold a passport with 6-months validity and a valid ETA to enter Australia. You may be asked to provide additional details or evidence of your finances in certain situations.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Australia Visa for Canadians?

Australia visas for Canadian citizens are usually processed and issued in less than one working day, providing there are no errors in the application, and no further documents are required. Alternatively, Canadians can apply for their visa at iVisa.com and have their application checked and processed in as little as 15 minutes.

Australia Visa for Australians Application Form

You can find the correct online application form by following the instructions on Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website.

How to obtain an Australian Visa

You can head to Australia’s official immigration website to start your application, or you can avoid a bureaucratic nightmare and make the process much simpler by applying for your visa at iVisa.com. For a small fee, the professionals at iVisa will check your application, process it within minutes and potentially have your visa delivered to you under 15 minutes.


Australia is a huge nation that’s a stranger to the cold weather conditions experienced in Canada, and the fact that both nations share a common language makes traversing the country relatively easy. Unfortunately, though the actual Australia visa is free for Canadians, filling out their online form can be a nightmare and any errors that go unnoticed could cause a serious problem. To avoid any difficulties, you can apply for your visa and receive it in minutes at iVisa. iVisa has a rating of 9.5 from over 1,800 reviews on Trustpilot. Consider joining a community of thousands of happy travelers like Michael, who said: “Quick, simple and reasonably priced, worth the money for cutting through the more bureaucratic government application form. Very impressed and relieved.”

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