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Australia's ETA (subclass 651) program began in 1996, but the most recent ETA was enacted in 2013. Under this new rule, most nationalities can apply, including the Portuguese. If you have a Portuguese passport, you have to apply for an eVisitor if you want to know this country.

The idea behind the ETA system is quite simple. Travelers from most countries can access the internet for their visa application and get it right away. Another update for the 2013 ETA is that the document allows you to travel to Australia for tourism as well as for business purposes.

In iVisa we decided to answer your most frequent doubts about this electronic visa so you get ready for your travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eVisitor Visa?

The eVisitor Visa is a new travel visa available to European Union passport holders who want to visit Australia.

IMPORTANT: You must be outside Australia when you apply. It is recommended not to make any travel arrangements until you receive your eVisa.

How long can visitors with Portuguese passport stay in Australia with an eVisitor?

If you have your eVisitor approved, once you arrive Australia, you can stay 90 days Per Entry

What are the documents required to apply? for this eVisitor visa?

The online application is actually much better than going to an Australian embassy, but that doesn´t mean you won’t need a few documents. We recommend you to put them all together prior to filling in the form. Even so, iVisa asks very few things when it comes to documentation. Here is a list of what you need.

  • Valid passport – Portuguese citizens traveling almost everywhere require a passport: Australia is no exception. Getting a passport is quite easy. All you need to do is go to the issuing authority in your country. However, if you do have a passport, take a look at its expiry date. It needs to be valid for at least another three months from your date of arrival in Australia.

  • Payment method – before you submit your application, you will be required to pay for iVisa’s services. Regarding what you can use to make the payment, you can use a credit/debit card. If you have a PayPal account, you can use that too.

Apart from the two things listed above, you will also be required to answer some personal questions - nothing too difficult. You just need to state the reasons for your travel and a few other things. It is recommended that you answer the questions with honesty.

As soon as you finish this process, you can proceed and fill out the application form. It is not challenging at all, but if you have questions, you can contact iVisa’s free 24/7 support service.

How long is this eVisitor valid?

This electronic visa expires 1 year after arrival.

What are the processing time and fees for this eVisa?

We mention two aspects at once 'cause they are related. The Australia ETA for Portuguese itself is free; what you are paying is the processing service fee of iVisa. However, you should know that doing this by yourself can be tricky and take a long time to be approved, that's why iVisa gives you the chance to receive this document faster and with total trust.

In iVisa we provide three convenient options for you. The faster your application is processed, the more money you need to spend. Here are your options:

  • Standard – people often choose this option because it is the cheapest. For USD 20.00, it will take 24 hours for your application to be processed. It may be the slowest, but one day is not that long.

  • Rush – this processing time is faster than the first option and it will have your Australia ETA ready within 4 hours. As for price, this one costs USD 50.00.

  • Super Rush – this is the fastest available option iVisa can provide. It is ideal if you want to apply on your way to the airport. Your ETA will be ready within just 1 hour for USD 70.00.

How long does it take to apply for an eVisitor?

You only need to take a few minutes to apply for your eVisitor with iVisa. After that, we'll take care of the rest and we'll let you know the status of the application via email.

How can I apply for this eVisitor visa?

When application forms come to your mind, you immediately think of something infuriating and complicated. But with iVisa, you can feel safe now. iVisa has created one of the simplest forms you’ll ever complete. It is broken down into two easy steps.

  1. The first step consists of general information like name, address, passport info, and so on. You must also select the processing time you want at this point.

  2. The second consists of revision, especially of the information you'll send.

  3. The last step is to proceed with the payment. After that, you can then hit the submit button and start packing. The ETA will be ready in no time.

As you can probably notice, getting an Australia eVisitor for Portuguese is quite easy. There is almost zero effort on your part, and it takes only a little time. Compared to going to the embassy, iVisa's processing service is far superior.

How many times can I enter Australia with an eVisitor?

With your eVisitor visa you have Multiple Entry to Australia as long as you use it according to the expire date.

What does this eVisitor Visa in Australia allow me to do?

Your eVisitor ETA lets you travel for both tourism and business purposes. In case you're traveling as a tourist visitor, then keep in mind that this visa allows you to spend holidays and visit different interesting points in the country. If you are traveling for purposes related to business, this visa allows you to make general business or employment inquiries. Just remember that the organizers can't offer you to pay for your trip.

How do I know if my eVisitor visa is approved?

We will notify you by email as soon as the Sri Lanka Government approves your visa.

Can I study with this eVisitor?

You can study for 3 consecutive months in total with this visa. But if your main reason for traveling to Australia is studying, a student visa might be more appropriate.

How does this Australia eVisitor look like?

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Is it safe to use iVisa to get my eVisitor?

We have a professional service that has been issuing official Australia eVisas since 2013. Many people believe that online information leaks and that their personal data is at a higher risk of getting into the wrong hands because of this. However, that's quite not the case with our services. We provide maximum safety for your personal information, and we invest a lot in the security of our database. You can check what hundreds of happy customers say about us here.

I have more unresolved questions, where can I find more info?

If you still have some doubts to be solved, then you can contact one of our customer service representatives here. You can also find more information about this eVisitor in this link.

iVisa makes the visa process easier than you think. It has a 9.5 ‘Excellent’ rating from more than 17,000 reviewers on Trustpilot. You can get your eVisa just as quickly as many of our clients do by applying for your Australia eVisa through iVisa. Visit our website today to chat online with one of our friendly staff members for more information.

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