Australian visa for Swiss citizens

Australian visa for Swiss citizens

iVisa | Updated on Mar 29, 2021

Began in 1996, but the latest ETA was embraced in 2013, and many nationalities can avail of this service including Swiss citizens. The theory behind it's rather simple. Travelers from most nations including Swiss citizens can utilize the internet to apply for their visa and get it in a couple of minutes. The new development that happened using all the ETA back in 2013 is that today, the document lets you go to Australia for tourism functions, in addition to business functions.

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ETA will let Swiss citizens remain in Australia for a maximum of 90 days Per Entry within a 1 year after arrival interval. There are a couple of general requirements you have to fulfill before you apply. Same with other nationalities, Swiss citizens can't suffer with tuberculosis. Also, you should not be convicted of a crime that has a sentence of 12 months or more. Whether the sentence was completed or not is irrelevant. The next thing about the record is eligibility. It is simple to check if you're qualified using iVisa's visa checker instrument. The info will be accessible in only a few seconds. When you crossed the items over from the listing, you are able to move and apply online.

What are the needed files?

While an online application is significantly more accessible than visiting an Australian embassy, that doesn't mean that you don't require a few files. Nevertheless, iVisa hardly requires anything in regards to documentation, especially for Swiss citizens. Here's a list of everything you want.

  • Valid passport – Swiss citizens traveling to almost everywhere requires a passport, and Australia is no exception. Obtaining a passport is rather straightforward. All you have to do is move into the issuing authority in your own country. If you already have a passport, it is best to check its expiration date. It has to be valid for at least 3 months from the date of birth in Australia.

  • Means of payment – To submit your form, you need to pay for iVisa's services. Conveniently, you may use a credit or debit card. iVisa also accepts PayPal payments as well.

Aside from the 2 items listed above, you will also have to complete a private questionnaire. It's nothing hard. You simply must say the reasons for the journey and some other things.

Once you have gone over this stage, you can proceed and complete the application form. It's not hard at all, but in case you have queries, you can get in touch with iVisa's support service. It is possible to call 24/7.

Processing time and fees

Both aspects are treated collectively since the first decide the instant. The Australia ETA itself is free; what you are actually paying is iVisa’s service. The business provides you three excellent alternatives for Swiss citizens. You'll be able to select the one which is most appropriate for you. iVisa can process your request fast but with a higher service fee, depending on your budget. Here's what you can pick:

  • Standard – people often choose this option because it is the cheapest. It costs just USD 30.00. Even so, your visa will arrive pretty fast. It takes 10 days for your application to be processed. It may be the slowest, but one day is not that long.

  • Rush – compared to the first option, the Rush processing time is way faster, and it will have your Australia ETA ready within 7 days. As for the price, this one costs USD 50.00.

  • Super Rush – this is the fastest available option iVisa can provide. It is ideal if you are in a hurry and want to apply while on your way to the airport. Your ETA will be ready within just 4 days, and it costs USD 90.00.

Australia ETA for Swiss citizens– the application form

When you think about the application form, you may think that it is something complicated. On the other hand, rest assured that iVisa’s application form is one of the easiest forms that you will ever fill out. It's broken down into two simple steps:

  1. The initial step contains general information like address, name, passport information, etc. At this point, you also have to choose the processing period that you want.

  2. The second includes payment and revision. The ETA will be processed right away.

As you may have noticed, getting an Australia ETA for Swiss citizens is quite straightforward. With very little effort and time on your part, it is a much better choice than going to the Australian embassy, does it?

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