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iVisa | Updated on Dec 23, 2022

With your Hong Kong passport, you can now enter Australia without having to visit an Australian embassy. That’s possible because Hong Kong is one of the 9 nations whose citizens are qualified to get an Australian ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. Nevertheless, there are some points that you should consider before applying for this document.

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One of those things is the list of requirements and how to apply online, which is why we created this article with a brief guide to this online document. You’ll be happy to know that once you finish reading this information, you’ll be able to apply at once thanks to iVisa.com’s speedy service, but we still recommend you read the info below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ETA?

ETA is the acronym globally used for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). This is a special document that authorizes you to travel to and enter Australia. It works with an electronic link in your passport.

This ETA can be used for tourism or business activities such as attending conferences, making business inquiries, or working with contractual negotiations.

When you have a Hong Kong passport, you need to apply for this document. You don’t need an Australia visa for Hong Kongers per se, only this ETA so you can enter the country without issues.

Remember that with the Australian ETA you can stay in Australia for no more than 90 days Per Entry, and it’s valid for 1 year after issued.

Are there any restrictions that I should consider before applying?

Yes, but they’re not impossible to meet:

  • Business visitor activity: By having a Business ETA you cannot engage in any work other than a business visitor activity.
  • Tuberculosis free: You must be free of tuberculosis at the time of traveling to Australia.
  • No criminal conditions: You cannot have any criminal convictions once you arrive there.

What do I need to get an Australia visa for Hong Kongers?

If you’re planning to work or study long-term in Australia, you’ll probably need an embassy visa, and in that case, we recommend you to visit the embassy to learn more information about it.

But, if you just want to visit Australia for tourism, you don’t need a paper visa, only an Australia ETA. The ETA is available through an online form like the one we have here.

An online application is much easier than going to an Australian embassy but that doesn't mean you don't need some items first. It's better if you put them all together before filling in the form. You’ll only need the following:

  • A valid passport when you board your flight and also when you visit Australia.
  • A credit/debit card (or a Paypal account) for payment
  • And an email address for confirmation.

What is the price of an Australia visa for Hong Kongers?

Since the ETA is an online process, the price isn’t expensive. We cannot offer you a Paper Visa to Australia, but remember that you wouldn’t need one if you just want to visit Australia for tourism.

As for the price of the Australian ETA, it’ll be based on our processing times, which are:

  • Standard processing time: which is the cheapest and most commonly used. That's because the entire amount comes to USD $81.99. As for the length of time, you wait 24 hours. Even though this is the smartest choice, 1 business day is not that long.

  • Rush Processing period: this alternative is a whole lot quicker compared to the previous one. You will have your Australia ETA in only 12 hours. As you can anticipate, you have to pay more this time, USD $133.99 being precise.

  • Super Rush processing period: this option is the fastest iVisa.com provides. It only takes 4 hours for your application to be processed, and you'll be billed USD $196.99.

Remember that all the fees are included for each service.

Can you detail the application process?

The application form is easy to comprehend and fast to complete. It’s broken down into three simple steps:

  • The first thing, iVisa.com will ask you to do is fill in the questionnaire with your information and choose the processing time.
  • The second thing, you have to do is to review step one and make the payment.
  • The third and last thing, you have to do is to attach the documents to the form and just submit the application.

Getting an Australia ETA is one of the easiest things you can do now thanks to iVisa.com. It doesn’t make you waste time in vain, and it allows you to get ready for your trip very fast.

What does the Australian ETA look like?

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How do I know if my application is approved?

Once you send your application form, we’ll let you know when the Australian ETA is read by email. This way, you can avoid a visit to the Australian embassy. We do it for you so you don't waste a minute.

Do I have to apply for an ETA if I’m just passing through?

If you only stay for 8 hours in the transit lounge, and you have the proper documentation to remain there, then you won't need an ETA. However, for certain nationalities, a transit visa may be required. Please visit this website for more details.

Is iVisa.com safe?

Yes, totally! Many people think that entering online information means that you’ll put it at risk, but that doesn't happen with iVisa.com. We give you maximum security for your personal data, and we spend a lot on the safety of our database. Your personal information can be 100% safe with us. You can see how professional our services are here.

Where can I find more information about the Australia visa for Hong Kongers?

If you still have questions about this ETA, click here so you can start chatting with one of our customer service representatives. You can also find more useful tips here.

Keep in mind that today, about 28% of Australia’s population consists of immigrants, and that's because of the amended immigration policies from the last decade and a half. That's why we made the decision to provide ETAs and e-Visas to many citizens around the world. If you're from Hong Kong, you're just one step ahead to visit this beautiful and exotic country. Start your journey now! Click here to apply for an ETA and enjoy all the magic of Australia.